Castle: Much Ado About Murder Review (SPOILERS)

To be a good episode, or not to be a good episode…

…that is the question. And the answer is yes! This week, Castle began a streak of good episodes by incorporating an intriguing storyline, an actual semi-surprise culprit, and some Castle-Beckett cuteness. Kind of disappointing that the season is finally getting good just in time for it to end and for Beckett to be taken out of the equation.

There were a few suspects right upfront in famous actor Zane’s murder that you knew couldn’t be the culprit because it was much too early in the show, and they always go through a whole group of leads pretty quickly, with none of them being the actual murderer. I thought it was pretty funny when the team’s lead at the Black Door Hotel ended up being Rick’s mother, Martha, since they were looking for Zane’s alleged mistress. When she said she was his acting and life coach, I was not at all surprised at her new career choice. Martha does what she wants, and she usually succeeds.

Yet another Firefly alum stopped by for this week’s episode of Castle. Jewel Strait, who also worked with Nathan Fillion on the set of Serenity, played the director of the production of Hamlet that our victim was supposed to star in. It makes sense in the end that she would be the killer, since her character’s part was only really touched on in the very beginning of the episode and then the focus was taken off of her, as the pattern goes, but this week I somehow didn’t catch that. This is how the show tends to operate, always trying to throw viewers off by making the culprit a character that has rarely been mentioned, but this time I feel that they pulled it off better than usual. The writers made it convincing with the whole drug lord suspect, which seemingly came to a close toward the end when they discovered his brother was involved and was likely the killer. Well played, Castle writers, well played.

The fact that El Oso kidnapped Castle in order to ask him to write the script for a movie about his life was a hilarious and unexpected twist. That is not where I thought he was going with it at all. When the police came and shot up the place, I was worried that A.) They might mistakenly shoot Castle (how did they not?!), and B.) He would be targeted by this cartel because they thought he alerted police of their location. Instead, El Oso went to prison, ended up escaping, and still wanted to have Castle write his story. Incredible! I wonder if they will connect this with the LokSat story in some way.

I thought it was a cute side story for Ryan to be consumed with his daughter’s preschool play. He showed how much he cared about Sarah Grace when he knew the words to her play’s song and helped her remember them. It’s interesting how the supporting characters are each getting a piece of the limelight this season. I think it may be necessary character development, as they will probably have more screentime after Beckett makes her exit.

Speaking of Beckett’s exit, we are no closer to finding out how she leaves the show. She and Castle seem to be closer than ever, having competitively planned date nights and sharing sweet moments in each of the last few episodes. It doesn’t seem like they’re headed toward a breakup, which makes me even more nervous that they may kill off Kate’s character. Then again, she may just get another far away job offer (like the one in DC) and keep up her relationship with Rick through phone calls that we only hear his end of. There’s only one way to find out!




This episode was very entertaining and kept viewers guessing. There were a few curveballs and an interesting plot, and ultimately, I felt the Castle crew did a good job. This is the kind of episode I think of when I want classic Castle, and I hope they keep that up for the rest of the season.

+ “This guy couldn’t act to save his life.” Esposito, you savage! Too soon!

+ Cute side story with Ryan and his daughter

+ Castle playing along with the method actress staying in Shakespearean character and Ryan jumping right in – hilarious!

– Castle wouldn’t be dumb enough to be kidnapped in a parking garage. Seriously, has he never seen a crime show?! You NEVER trust a parking garage!

– No one can find El Oso, not even the DEA. But oh wait, the 12th Precinct can! Not exactly realistic, even if they did track some convenient chip in a brand new (totally conspicuous) credit card of Castle’s.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Castle? Are the few remaining episodes of this season going to live up to the classic Castle standards we’ve been seeing lately? Leave your comment below!

Jamie LeRoy designs all the episodic art for The Geekiverse. She is currently reading Marvel’s Civil War comics, as well as other related comics in preparation for the Captain America: Civil War movie that comes out this Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Castle: Much Ado About Murder Review (SPOILERS)”

  1. This was a good episode, which made me realize how much I’ll miss the good times after Beckett’s exit! What I loved the most were the following parts
    1. When they burst into the room to find Martha.
    2. Ryan and Castle speaking the Bard’s language, until Espo cuts it short.
    3. Castle and Beckett are almost back to their former selves.
    4. Ryan helping Sarah Grace by singing along.
    I don’t know how they had the heart to plan an exit for Beckett. Castle would be lost without her! But I guess loyalty would stop most of us from abandoning this show. 😦

    1. I enjoyed those parts of the show, too. I have to agree with you about the loyalty, and add that I’m becoming more and more curious as to how Castle will operate without Beckett in season 9. It’s also starting to drive me crazy waiting to see what happens to Beckett. Good thing it’s only one more week away!

      1. I have mixed reactions to the season finale. Despite the anticipation of how LokSat will end, and what’s in the store for Beckett, I can’t help but feel that maybe things could take a turn for the worse. I makes me miss and cherish these good moments. Somehow, I find myself thinking that the show will never be the same, without the whole Caskett act. I keep wondering if there’ll ever be any moments better (or even, as good as) these past few episodes

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