Game of Thrones: The Red Woman Review

Hello Geeks! It’s finally that time, where we finally get to see what happens to all of our beloved characters in the newest season of Game of Thrones. This is the first season that will not have any corresponding books, so now us book readers are in the dark just like the rest of you. Also, if you’re not caught up, Do not read any further. For this article is long and full of spoilers. 

The episode started off right were season five ended; Jon Snow laying lifeless in a puddle of his own blood. As Dawn approaches Davos, our lovely Onion Knight is stirred by the lonely howls of a distressed Direwolf. You can see the alarm on his face as he makes his way out to the courtyard that he knows something is up and upon seeing Jon’s body, he knows immediately what happened. The other Night’s Watch on duty, including Jon’s friend Edd, go to him and see the post near his body. Reading the word “Traitor,” Davos has the men bring him inside, knowing that they will also be branded Traitors by helping. They whole up in a room and put Jon’s body on the table. Melisandre joins them and says that she saw him in the flames fighting at Winterfell and Davos mentions that the flames are wrong – or she at least interpreted them wrong. Alliser Thorne calls a meeting to discuss the nature of Jon’s death, as certain brothers are angry with the betrayal. He tells them that him and the other officers have killed Jon because of the choice he made to bring the Wildlings to the wall. The numerous murmurs among the men suggest that they are still at odds – those that believe bringing the Wildlings across was bad and those that believe killing the Lord Commander was bad. Davos and the other men who are still with Jon’s body know that Alliser will kill anyone friendly with Jon, so they decide that they will not give up without a fight. Davos and Ed know that they do not have the numbers to put up a decent fight, so with a plan, Ed sneaks out to bring the Wildlings back to Castle Black.

In Winterfell, Ramsay mourns the lost of his lover Myranda, but the mourning only last for seconds as he replies coldly to the Maester who asks what they should do with her body; “She’s good meat, feed her to the dogs.” Like we would ever believe Ramsay to be anything other than ruthless, right? Ramsay’s father, Roose Bolton, tells him that their victory will be short lived. He explains that Stannis is dead, that his army was nothing compared to a fully equipped Lannister Army, and that they should prepare. Lord Bolton explains that the Lannisters will be angry because they went against the crown and marrying Ramsay to Sansa Stark, he also goes on to say that unless Ramsay has an heir with Sansa, their claim in the North will be short lived. He assures his father that he has his best hounds on the job trying to find Sansa and Theon.

Hey look, it’s Captain Phasma! (It’s a Star Wars thing).

We cut to Theon and Sansa running through the woods of Winterfell, trying to out run the hounds and Bolton men. After stopping for a rest and sharing a tender moment, the Bolton men catch up to them. Much to the their luck, Brienne and Podrick save the day, cutting down all of Ramsay’s men. Brienne once again takes a knee to Sansa and swears to serve her and Sansa graciously (and finally), accepts. (My favorite part of the episode).

In Braavos, Arya is blind and is serving her time for the angered Many-Faced God and is getting beat up by the girl who is Jaqen but not Jaqen? (Her training begins!)

In King’s Landing, Jaime finally makes it back with Myrcella’s dead body. Overcome with grief, Cersei realizes that everything that the witch told her 20 something years ago has been coming true and will continue to be true. Jaime and Cersei agree that they have to stick together for the sake of their family and that they will take back what is owed to them.

Deep in the dungeons of the Citadel, Queen Margaery awaits her fate, asking for her brother’s well-being. The High Septon says that he comes on the King’s behalf, wondering how she’s faring. (I don’t know how long Margaery has been in there, but I have a feeling she hasn’t asked once how the King is doing.) The High Septon tells her that she has a long road ahead of her.

In Dorne, Ellaria Sands is trying to make peace with Prince Doran as they walk through the Water Gardens, talking happily about the past and about their family. It’s when Doran reads a message from his fellow Maester concerning the fate of Myrcella that stuff hits the fan. Her youngest daughter stabs Doran’s body guard in the back and Ellaria stabs Doran in the chest. She sneers down at him, telling him about how he doesn’t know his people, that he did nothing when his sister was raped and murdered, and how Oberyn was butchered. He watches her, bleeding out as his ‘loyal’ guards just stand there. She tells him that he is weak and that a weak man will never sit on the throne of Dorne again. Meanwhile, which I’m pretty sure is the boat in which Jaime returned in, is Trystane Martell, Myrcella’s betrothed. Ellaria’s other daughters make their way into his room and they engage him in combat, when a spear to his skull occurs and he dies instantly. The line of Doran is wiped out.

In Meereen, all is quiet in the city as Tyrion and his eunuch right-hand Varys try to make heads or tails about the city, trying to figure out who is in charge of Sons of the Harpy and how to rule a city that is in complete Chaos. As they walk they see smoke billowing up from yonder and follow to the docks where all their ships are aflame.

Somewhere in the Dothraki sea, Daenerys is captured by a Khalasar and is brought forth to Khal, who says he will lie with her and she will bare him children. Daenerys, disgusted by the very idea of this, tells her that she was a widow to Khal Drogo. Khal Moro apologizes for her mistreatment and promises that no one will lay a hand on her. She asks to be returned to Meereen, as Khal laughs to tells her there’s only one place for a widowed Khaleesi – Vaes Dothrak.

Daario and Jorah are on the hunt to find the missing Daenerys, tracking her all the way to where Drogon had left her. There they find the ring that Daenerys had left, realizing that she’s been taken by a khalasar. (We also see that Jorah’s greyscale has spread.)

The last scene that is shared is the scene where Melisandre takes off her necklace and it is revealed that she is VERY old. It shows her getting into bed and the episode ends. I leave off with this because I’m convinced that she’s given up her will to live because maybe she believes that the Lord of Light has forsaken her? Which also leaves me wondering, wasn’t she supposed to revive Jon Snow? Is that why Davos kept Jon’s body?

I also wanted to break down some things, I have a feeling that maybe Ramsay Bolton will try to go to war with the Night’s Watch because Jon Snow is there. I have no doubt that there will be a big battle between the Wildlings and those that are loyal to Alliser Thorne. Now on that topic – will Sansa make for the Wall because she thinks that Jon is there?

I’m a little upset about how the story is playing out for Jaime, – in the books, he gets away from Cersei and doesn’t go back, and now they’re messing up his character growth. I’m still curious about the revenge that Cersei will have on the High Septon and with the new War on Dorne. Which is another question I have: How did the Sand Snakes stowaway on Jaime’s ship? Did they follow it on another ship from Dorne and board it? This should be interesting because if they are in King’s Landing, does that mean they will try to assassinate Tommen and kill off Cersei’s last remaining child?

Now moving to the topic of Arya, I get it. She’s the blind warrior monk. Her being blind is going to heighten her senses and it’s going to make her super bad-ass.

Where do I even begin with Daenerys? Her story is getting so convoluted and so stupid. I’m curious as to where they are going with this, but she made a mistake trying to force her ideals on a whole city and I understand slavery is bad, but she has no claim in Meereen or any cities in Essos. By the time she’s even ready to sail to Westeros, it will be season 10 and everyone will be dead.

Final Score:


After all my ranting and ravaging, I’ve decided to give this episode an 8.0 out of 10. It was a really good episode but it doesn’t pack a wallop like most of their episodes do. However, it did answer a lot of questions.

+Brienne and Sansa

+The Sand Snakes

Sam Sarvis is so excited for the sixth season of Game Of Thrones and patiently waits for every Sunday.

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