Xbox Live Games with Gold Month In Review: April

So, you’re an avid gamer, and you look at your bank account and think, “Man, I’m not going to be able to buy any new games this month.”  Or, maybe, you’re just a frugal person who tries to make games last.   Well you’re in luck!  Xbox Live Gold allows you to download pretty decent games for free!

The Wolf Among UsFirst, let’s talk The Wolf Among Us. The Geekiverse already downloaded the game and reviewed it for you, which you can always go back and read; however, allow me to give you a fresh perspective about this game, which I will tell you is absolutely fantastic.

The  game is not for PG gamers by any means. It’s brutally gruesome, but is absolutely fantastic if you’re into that sort of style (don’t think GTA, but more fantasy gore–after all, this is a game based on fables and tall tales). This is quick-decision based, which is vastly different from most of the games I play. There’s action, but it’s all quick button pushes and not mashing. The other thing that really entices me is the fact I have to pay attention. NHL 16 and WWE 2k16 are games I can regularly stray away from to watch Netflix while gaming, or even type an article. Wolf Among Us requires attention, so take some time out of your day to play these episodes.

That being said, this is a unique game. It allows you to go into a realm of fantasy that is dark, mysterious, and intriguing. You play as the Big Bad Wolf, AKA the Sheriff, and you have to solve the murder mystery plaguing the town. There are times where the decision you make could lead you down a whole new story. There are times when you could kill someone. There are times when you can spare someone. You control your destiny, and then you can see how you compare to others who played the game. Are you the sadistic one of the world, choosing to kill Tweedle Dee AND Tweedle Dum, or do you spare them both? And here’s the thing… It’s a free download! You have absolutely no reason not download this game and give it a shot, because it’s truly worth the money. I completed the game in about 10-12 hours, and it cost me nothing but an Xbox Live Membership!

Sunset Overdrive

The other game for free this month is Sunset Overdrive. Admittedly, I did not spend as much time playing this game, but it’s a third-person shooter where the city is being overtaken by mutants, and you have to fend them off. You get to use interesting abilities including sliding around buildings and getting unique weapons. It’s a fun game that would easily be worth $20 to me, but, once again, you get this game for free!

Next month we bring in May with two unique games that I am super excited to try… once again, because they are free. Duh. Defense Grid 2 and Costume Quest 2. Once again, I have to admit, I have not played the first installment of either of those games, but I’m a frugal dude who enjoys anythings free. We will give these two games a try next month, and the Geekiverse will let you know what we think.

Brunner is the wrestling geek that takes everything way too far, the consummate Money of the Geekiverse.

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