Castle: Dead Again Review (SPOILERS)

How many times can a man cheat death before his luck finally runs out?

It was an interesting start to the show this week with Castle trying to convince Beckett that they should run off and live happily ever after. I actually would be content with that being the ending for the series, but I may just be looking for a happy ending for the crime solving couple, and I see no way for that to happen if Beckett is out of the picture in season 9 while Castle is still in it.

Again we see Castle bringing in the crazy theories, and that’s what I believe most fans love about him. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to enjoy this whimsical side of the title character, and I hope now that it’s back, it’s here to stay. This time around, the fantasy world Castle was living in was that of super heroes, a world we at the Geekiverse are no strangers to. The number of Spider-man references within this episode would make Stan Lee proud, although it was weird that Castle didn’t pick up on the fact that Alan’s girl’s name was Gwen.

Needless to say, Castle was obsessed with Alan’s miraculous ability to not die. My favorite component of this episode was Castle’s need to find out about Alan’s new powers and how he got them, calling it his origin story. He searched for some kind of chemical that may have caused said powers, and in a funny little sequence, tried to figure out what these powers might be with Alan.

My thoughts on Gwen were that she was an obvious suspect. The first red flag was when she knew who Alan was and said she thought he was funny, even though he was under the impression that she didn’t know he existed. Then when she jumped at the chance to go on a date with him, it seemed like she was too eager. She conveniently chose the restaurant and the time, ensuring that Horatio (her boyfriend!) would be able to come and speak with Alan, offering him protection while also intimidating him. Points go to Gwen, though, for acting weirded out when she and Alan were out to dinner and Horatio entered the scene, causing Castle to come over and talk more about how Alan was a super hero and Horatio must be his arch nemesis.

When Lanie declared Alan dead for the second time, and he woke up yet again, I jokingly said, “Maybe this is how Lanie makes her exit from the show. She gets fired for getting it wrong twice.” This may have transitioned into an actual prediction by the end of the episode, though, when Alan and Lanie formed a lasting friendship (and probably more). My first clue should have been when Castle and Beckett did their famous simultaneous breakthrough thing, saying the same thing at the same time, and then Alan and Lanie did the same thing moments later (“Is that what we sound like?” “Geez, I hope not!”).

The dreaded topic of LokSat has come back once again. I was almost hoping it would be forgotten, but that would only add to the consistency problem the show’s been having lately. LokSat hasn’t been brought up in weeks, to the point where I barely remember what it’s about anymore. Vikram must have just been on vacation or something, because suddenly he had plenty to say, when in recent weeks he seemed to be making no progress at all on the case. He found a lead and connected it to Caleb Brown, causing him to appear at the precinct and threaten Beckett, telling her to stop digging or she’d end up dead. Somehow, Kate’s speech about how Brown used to be one of the good guys worked, though, and he showed up at Caskett’s place, ready to be compliant. We can’t be too sure how this is going to end, but I hope it doesn’t lead to Beckett’s exit from the show being because she is killed as a result of the LokSat investigation. This theory has some holes, though, because why would LokSat leave Castle alive if they killed Beckett, now that they’re publicly together again?





Although I have never liked the LokSat storyline, I’m glad they’re finally going somewhere with it. I very much enjoyed Castle’s antics again in this fun, geek-themed episode. And even though Lanie has to leave the show, at least she is (hopefully) finding love in a seemingly immortal but otherwise average, run-of-the-mill guy! (Seriously, how the heck has this guy not died? He got shot in the head, point blank!!)

+ Several Spidey references made by Castle

+ “An origin story! What, there’s like 9 Spider-man movies about it!”

+ Castle’s undying love for Beckett – “So long as I’m with you, I’ll go anywhere.”

– As usual, the killer was pretty predictable – seems like they just go with whoever would be the most unlikely, and it’s starting to form a pattern

– Do I even need to say it? Still not a fan of LokSat.


What did you think of this week’s episode of Castle? Will Lanie end up with Mr. Invincible? How will Beckett make her exit from the show? Leave your comment below!

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