3 Minute Gotham Episode Trailer…. Whaaaat????

We Geekiversers LOVE trailers. We watch them, we watch them again, and then we watch them again. Then we write or film video or tweet or Facebook about ’em. Yep, we LOVE them. So, imagine our glee when Gotham dropped a 3 minute and 34 second trailer for the next episode. Huh? Yep. The last trailer for Suicide Squad (best trailer in the history of the world, bt dubs) was a few seconds over 4 minutes…for a feature length film.

Now granted, a big chunk of the trailer is scenes from lots of important stuff that happened from the very beginning of the series last year, until now, but it left me thinking that the writers and producers actually knew what they were doing way back then, which I have never believed before. There were times I thought that they wrote the script for some episodes on lunch the day before. Things have been that crazy and disjointed from time to time. This year, however, is a different kind of crazy altogether.

So, in the last couple of episodes, Hugo Strange has released a supposedly rehabilitated Penguin. He went on to feed his step- brother and step-sister to his step-mom. His step-sis was a more tender cut.

Next, Strange released Stabby Babs from Arkham, whose first stop was, of course, Jim’s apartment. She almost immediately shows that she is still crazy, but this time it helps Jim out. Strange used a reanimated Mr. Freeze to kill off one of his first test subjects, a woman named Karen Jennings, who has a taloned claw for a hand.

The end of this trailer, is seriously intense. Jimbo (Gordon, not Jamie of Geekiverse fame) confronts Hugo Strange, who sees that the future Commish has it all figured out. So, his next reanimated subject is Theo Gallivan, who returns from the dead as Azrael of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. Azrael is also, coincidentally I am sure, the traditional name for the Angel of Death. Hugo Strange turns Azrael loose to hunt and kill Jim. Azrael is bad ass. His costume is bad ass. His weapon is bad ass. And he’s just plain scary, much like almost anything in Gotham this season.

Here. Have a look.

Intense, huh? I really thought that the second half of season 2 was going to take a breather after how cray cray the first half of the season was. Nope. BD Wong’s Hugo Strange has been incredible. With only 4 episodes left this season, buckle up because I think it’s going to be a wild ride.

“Azrael” airs on Monday, May 2 at 8pm on FOX.

What did you think of this crazy trailer? Leave a comment below. Can’t get enough of Gotham? Well here’s a few more Geekiverse pieces about the show.

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