Castle: Backstabber Review (SPOILERS)

It was always a tough decision whether or not to trust Hayley.

Ever since we found out Hayley was involved in the mysterious period of time that Castle erased from his memory, I’ve been unsure about trusting her. I thought she might end up betraying the crew or having an ulterior motive for joining Castle’s investigative company, but it seems that these theories have been dispelled on this week’s episode of Castle.

In the very beginning of the show, this seemed like a strange job for Hayley’s old MI6 contact to need her for, but she trusted him without question. This was her first mistake. Her second, in my opinion, was making herself seem sketchy by knowing too much about the crime. I did think it was clever, though, when Hayley covered up her fingerprints on the tin of mints by “accidentally” fumbling it.

After walking in on Hayley trying to pull a “Code 44” and disappear, Alexis convinced Hayley to stick around and help clear up the mess, while also clearing her name. I was worried this decision was going to get someone killed, but we don’t see too many main cast members killed on Castle, so that didn’t seem like a huge threat (not that I have a problem with that!).

It was a good move to tell the police the truth because they were then able to help her clear her name and use her knowledge and background to solve the case. What seemed ridiculous to me was when Captain Beckett encouraged Hayley to hide from the FBI when there was a warrant out for her arrest. Strange that the precinct wouldn’t be in deep trouble for that one, especially when they allowed her to tag along on the investigation. Granted, she was a big help in solving the murder and helping return electricity to London, but that doesn’t justify Beckett’s irrational decision.

Another poor decision on Hayley’s part was seeking out her old MI6 partner Wesley and meeting him alone. She told him she would have to arrest him, rather than playing along with his plan until backup came, and that was just bad judgement. I feel as though this happens every week, with similar situations arising and our heroes always making poor decisions that almost lead to their deaths, just to be stopped by the NYPD showing up in the nick of time.

It turns out ABC was just teasing us with last week’s nostalgic episode featuring a whimsical plot and the dynamic duo working together. At the end of this week’s episode, Castle, Alexis, and Hayley celebrate the win together, while Beckett takes Ryan and Esposito out for drinks. Why are they not all together? Is this foreshadowing of how they’re going to inevitably split up Castle and Beckett, as actress Stana Katic is not going to appear in season 9 of the show? (More info on that here.)

I also wonder about the motorcycle story. Where does it fit in with the rest of the plot? Is THIS the way they write Beckett out of the show? So many questions, so few episodes left in which to answer them.




Although this episode was entertaining, I don’t like the focus being shifted to Hayley. It’s not that I don’t like her character, it’s just that she sort of came into the picture out of nowhere, dropped into everyone’s lives, and somehow earned their trust enough to become “part of the family” faster than imaginable. I find it odd that everyone trusts her so wholeheartedly, too, since she was around during Rick’s disappearance and never told anyone until they started digging deeper into it. Hayley’s close relationship with Alexis took shape pretty quickly as well, which to the disappointment of the fans, we never saw happen between Beckett and Alexis.

+ At least Castle and Beckett are together (for the time being)

+ Points for both a Star Wars AND a Batman reference

– NYPD allowing Hayley to assist on the case and encouraging her to hide from the Feds

– Hayley becomes part of the family much too quickly

– Beckett magically smoothing things over with the Feds


What did you think of this week’s episode of Castle? Is Hayley’s role in the show going to become more and more prominent, especially now that Beckett will be gone? Leave your comment below!

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