Breaking News: Stana Katic is Finished With Castle

Unfortunate news hit yesterday that ABC Castle’s co-star Stana Katic, who plays Detective Kate Beckett, will not be returning to the show for season 9.

Deadline says that for budgetary reasons, neither Katic nor fellow original cast member Tamala Jones, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish, will be renewing their contracts for the next season of the show.

It is said that season 9 may be shortened to a 13-episode run, and that Nathan Fillion, who plays the title role of Richard Castle, is the only actor that has been confirmed to be coming back next season so far.

Upon hearing this news, I was shocked. What’s Castle without Beckett? The show is centered around the relationship of the two lead characters, both in their marriage and in their collaboration in murder investigations. It began to seem like something was changing in the middle of season 8, as storylines involved either Castle or Beckett and usually not both of them, and as Hayley Shipton, played by Toks Olagundoye, took on a more prominent role in the series.

With certain TV series, it feels as though they’ve ended too abruptly, as was the case with Flight of the Conchords, which aired on HBO for only two seasons. As much as this leaves viewers wanting more, it seems like a better alternative than going on for too long and losing steam. That being said, I think Castle should end gracefully and finish out the series with both their main stars intact, making the last storyline involve both halves of the pair affectionately referred to as “Caskett.” Otherwise, the show appears to be in danger of fizzling out.

What do you think of Castle moving forward without Beckett? Is it even worth making a 9th season? Become part of the conversation and leave your comment below!



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13 thoughts on “Breaking News: Stana Katic is Finished With Castle”

  1. Rather odd for Castle to continue without Beckett. I agree, the whole premise of Castle is built on the teamwork and relationship between Castle and Beckett. Without Beckett there just doesn’t seem to be a point in continuing on. If season 9 is to be the last season then surely the entire season would be built around tying loose ends and sending Caskett off into a new chapter in their lives. To be honest, I started losing interest in the show once the couple married. It should have ended there.

    1. I agree, the show has definitely been losing steam for a while. They needed to quit while they were ahead because Castle without Beckett just doesn’t make sense. I hope they do end up tying up loose ends and just finishing out the series on a good note, rather than trying to replace Beckett’s character with Hayley’s, as it seems they’ve been leading up to.

      1. I totally agree with you. Who knows? Maybe they’ll be cheeky and surprise us at the end? Long shot but here’s hoping.

    2. Some times I think it would have been better if they’d ended with the last season. That would have made for a great finale. That being said, S8 did produce some great episodes. I loved Cool Boys, Dead Red, Heartbreaker and Death Wish. But there seems to be no point in continuing the series without Beckett. 😦

      1. I agree with you. While there have been some good episodes in this season, it just won’t be the same without Beckett. Yes, the title character is Castle, but Kate has been an integral part of the show from the beginning.

      2. Me too! I’m wondering if they’re trying to set up a real romance between Esposito and Sonia, who is an old flame of Javi’s that he recently told he would start visiting in prison after they worked together in the Heartbreaker episode. They haven’t touched on that since.

  2. On Entertainment Tonight tonight, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion were on a list of the worst of feuding co-stars. Maybe either they couldn’t do it anymore, or the creative team had just had enough.

    1. Yes, I read that there is a lot of tension between the two and that they only filmed together twice a week this past season (which would explain how little we’ve see Castle and Beckett together in recent episodes).

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