Batman: Return to Arkham Leaked!

It’s happening! Or so it seems…

Holy HD remake! It looks like we are getting Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City on Xbox One & PS4.

With reports claiming that the announcement is coming today, Eurogamer reports that the collection includes both games and all previously released DLC. The release is slated for June, with preorders supposedly beginning today. Visuals will be “optimized” for the current gen systems. Interestingly enough, the collection doesn’t list Batman: Arkham Origins, which was the only console game in the series to not be produced by Rocksteady. Batman: Arkham Knight was released this past year. I reviewed it and scored it a 9.75/10, noting that “Arkham Knight puts a bow on the trilogy and concludes in an extremely satisfying and exciting way.”

In 2014, we listed the Top 10 series we wanted to see get an HD re-release and gave “Batman: The Arkham Collection” the top spot. I’m sure the visuals won’t be anything crazy, as is the standard with most HD re-releases. The part that upsets me is no Arkham Origins. No, it wasn’t on par with the other 3 games in the series, but it’s one I would absolutely love to revisit on my Xbox One.

Get in the conversation & leave a comment below – are you excited by this potential news? Are you willing to fork out some more money to play this?


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