Gotham: Pinewood Review

Things are heating up (or cooling off) in Gotham.



After Penguin’s big comeback last week, it only seemed right that it was time for the next villain to show their wrath. Barbara, aka Stabby Babs, is back on the streets, released by Hugo Strange. Hugo has an agenda and what specifically that is, we aren’t sure. What is for sure is that it entails one thing: chaos.

I despised Barbara last season. Early this season, I truly enjoyed her wild side. During her rest in Arkham, there were subtle hints that told us we’d see her back in action. I think the show’s writing staff is trying to find a conceivable way for her and Jim to get back together. That could be a major turnoff for a lot of fans, but only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Alfred continue the search to discover clues that will lead to Bruce’s parents’ murder. Searching for “The Philosopher,” this man was a former friend of Thomas Wayne’s while working on an “off-the-book” project that involved experimenting on living humans. This project was originally intended to allow people to regrow damaged limbs, but unfortunately took a dark turn. Lucius Fox is back also – we need to see more of him.

This might be one of our first looks at a very comic-book feeling Gotham. The investigation takes them to a woman named Karen Jennings, who was one of the project’s victims. She has grown a reptile-like hand (or claw) that looks a bit like it could belong to Killer Croc. I didn’t particularly like it at first, but I liked it in action as the episode went on.

Back to Barbara – I really enjoyed the episode any time she was on screen tonight. Though it’s clear that Penguin has gone back to the dark side, it’s not 100% transparent that Barbara has fallen back too. I believe she has – this is “Wrath of the Villains,” after all. Her scene in the club with Jim was phenomenal. If you keep us guessing as viewers, it’ll keep up coming back for more.

Through Bruce’s investigation, particularly in the past few months of the show, I have become excited by the anticipation I feel as he is evolving into Batman. One thing we don’t often see about Batman on the screen is why he is the world’s greatest detective. Gotham does a good job of showing us how Bruce is growing towards that moment. It shows us the depth of his persona. Of course, Alfred and Selena show him how to fight a bit too. I also liked the few brief glimpses of light-heartedness and humor we have seen in Bruce. David Mazouz was cast beautifully as Baby Bats.

In the show’s closing moments, we got to see Mr. Freeze’s new suit in action – the second character Strange has released back into the wild this week. This is more of the Mr. Freeze I was hoping for. In the scene after, Bruce’s inner rage comes out in such a way that it should get fans amped for what is next. Lastly, we see the reanimation project of Hugo Strange achieve its goal. Theo Galavan – the third to be released – is back, only to take on the persona of Azrael of the Order of St. Dumas. What an incredible tie-in! Sure, he looks more like Deathstroke, but that’s perfectly fine with me. I cannot wait to see him in action next week! Fish Mooney can’t be far behind…



Gotham is setting itself up for a very intriguing end to the season, with just 4 episodes left. The pace is fast and furious, but doesn’t go too far in bringing us exciting story lines and mysteries to ponder. It took a few weeks for Wrath of the Villains to ramp up after the winter break, but things are on the up and up for Gotham.

+ Barbara stole the episode. Where is she going from here?

+ Galavan is coming back as Azrael.

+ Bruce’s evolution to Batman is becoming more and more evident.


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