New “Spider-Man” Title and Logo Revealed

Sony’s CinemaCon presentation yesterday capped off with a reveal for their new Spider-Man reboot being made in cooperation with Marvel Studios. The new film, the first on-screen version of the character to be incorporated into Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, finally has a name and a logo:


“Spider-Man: Homecoming” will release on July 7 2017, starring Tom Holland (In The Heart of the Sea, The Modern Ocean) as Peter Parker and Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny, The Wrestler) as Aunt May, with Jon Watts (Cop Car) directing.



Along with the title and snazzy new logo pictured above, a new clip from “Captain America: Civil War” was premiered by Holland himself, showing an interaction between Peter Parker, Aunt May and Tony Stark. Aunt May’s been informed by Stark of Peter being accepted of an educational grant, possibly marking the beginning of Stark intervening to help in Parker’s life, presumably in exchange for aid in the titular conflict in the upcoming Marvel movie.

In reference to the new title “Homecoming”, there’s several potential meanings to draw from this:

  • A more obvious inference is that it references the long-awaited coming of Spider-Man, arguably Marvel’s most popular superhero, into Marvel’s incredibly-popular cinematic world (although Sony still holds creative control, Marvel is confirmed to be part of the creative process, as well as fully incorporating him into their on-screen canon)
  • Also, Tom Holland stated at Sony’s event that “Peter is trying to find his way home”, hinting at an emotional motivation that will drive the character in this version
  • It’s been confirmed by director Jon Watts that this movie will reboot Peter Parker, bringing him back to high school and giving a lot more attention to that world and those emotional struggles then either Raimi or Webb’s previous cinematic versions did. The iconic 1980s movies of John Hughes have actually been referenced as creative inspiration for this new movie so “Homecoming” could also reference actual “homecoming” events going on at Peter’s high school (maybe the climax of the movie could even involve a big homecoming dance?)
  • Lastly, it’s speculated that this movie could take inspiration from The Amazing Spider-Man issue #252 (also called “Homecoming”) that involves Peter returning home to NYC after taking part in Marvel’s “Secret Wars” event, wearing his new black costume that’s later revealed to be the alien symbiote that leads to villain Venom’s creation. We know Sony still has a Venom spinoff planned, but I think it’s unlikely that they’ll introduce the symbiote so soon into a new version of Spider-Man. However, it’s entirely possible that they’ll translate that story’s premise of Peter returning home with a new costume (from Stark rather than the symbiote) after taking part in a major Marvel event (Civil War instead of Secret Wars) and incorporate that into the plot

Along with the new poster and trailer reveals for “Doctor Strange”, it’s been an exciting week for MCU news. I really like the new title design, but what do you think? What storylines or villains would you love to see adapted for “Spider-Man: Homecoming”? Let us know in the comments below!

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