Ant-man Meets Cap Trailer is Why Marvel Owns Big Screen

This. This right here is why Marvel wins the big screen game hands down. I know that gritty is in, and that dark is awesome, even after Memorial Day, but here’s the thing… people like movies to be fun.

If all we want is boom, crash, smash and fighting without any fun whatsoever, we can just watch the last Terminator movie over and over. But…this…this thing…..this thing here is fun, and there’s room for that in superhero films, even ones with the Dark Knight. Take note, DC. This is how it’s done.

Oh yeah, and that scene plays out every time someone meets the Grumpy Geek in public too. It’s kind of embarrassing.

Which character are you most looking forward to seeing in Civil War? Leave me a comment below, dammit.

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