Gotham. The Gotham we all love. The scary, vicious, beat down, down-trodden, beautiful Gotham we know. It’s finally back!





After the first three episodes after the mid-season premiere, it was evident that Gotham was enduring its unknown identity syndrome. The first three episodes were a confusing and unnecessary distraction, but now we are back in action with the great evolution of characters and plotlines, and it’s a great thing to see.

We finally see the Riddler character from start to finish. Gotham has done an incredible job of showing Ed Nygma’s transformation from a pushover who tolerated all the insults thrown at him, to a cold-blooded yet concealed murderer.

We also see the genius in his ability to scheme as he framed Jim Gordon, in the art heist. As Nygma, or as of now, the official Riddler, left question marks around the art gallery, Gordon was led to Market Street. Gordon found himself at the train station on that street, and opening a locker marked with Riddler’s signature question mark. As Gordon used a crowbar to open the locker, and almost gets blown up by the bomb treasure left in the locker, the crowbar was later used as evidence against him.

It doesn’t help that amidst his being framed by Nygma, poor Jim Gordon’s case regarding Theo Galavan has been opened up again. This episode also showed the bond between Harvey Bullock and Gordon, as Bullock went to Internal Affairs to see what evidence they had on Gordon killing Galavan. Unfortunately, he was pronounced the primary suspect in the murder of Theo Galavan.

The most unendurable part of the whole scheme is how much Gordon talks to Nygma about his current thoughts on the situation. Nygma knows exactly where Jim’s head’s at, at all times, which leads him to keep plotting against him. Cory Michael Smith is the perfect Riddler character, and it’s never been shown as well as it has in this episode.

But, the light-hearted reunion between Nygma and Penguin was just the reunion we all needed, and clearly we know that Penguin was tipping Nygma off about the less-than-police-like things Jim has done in the past.

The same crowbar that Jim used to open the bomb locker at the train station, with Jim’s fingerprints, was the one that Nygma used to kill Officer Pinkney. Not only did he kill him, but left a call to the police station about it, which of course Gordon responds to. Later, we find out that Pinkney accidentally signed a witness testimony, with the witness testimony said about Gordon. Gordon’s boss also ended up at the apartment and blamed Jim for killing him, another one of Nygma’s setups, believing that Jim killed Pinkney because of the testimony.

Eventually, Jim gets sent to jail, and tells Lee to leave him alone and move on, and then he finds out that Lee lost their baby. We see Jim’s struggles in prison and Bullock, being the loyal friend he is, gets Gordon out of jail, by getting ideas from Falcone. The mobster resurgence was predicted earlier on in an episode of The Geekiverse Show, and it better come to fruition.

Eventually, after losing his friend Puck in jail, Jim knows he has to go back to Gotham, and we are left with Gotham on the horizon.
As if that wasn’t enough action for Gotham, we have more! Penguin met his father, and his step family. His family is probably the creepiest family on earth, or at least in the Gotham world. Mind you, his father is played by Pee-wee Herman himself, and the resemblance is uncanny. Penguin’s step-sister tries to seduce him for his money, and eventually his stepmother poisons Penguin’s father, not two seconds after his father tells him he will leave him all of his inheritance. Cue crazy Penguin attacking his step-family. Can’t wait.

Now that the momentum is back and we have a good direction for the show, the future is a bright one, well for the viewers, maybe not for the citizens of Gotham.


-Penguin’s step family is beyond the realm of acceptably creepy

+Don Falcone saved Jim

+Bullock’s loyalty to Jim is that of Robin to Batman

-Nygma and Gordon need to be friends again.


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