More Star Wars Anthology Films Announced

3 more Star Wars Anthology films scheduled for release after plots leaked on the web.

In a surprising leak today from credible Disney insiders onto the web, it was discovered that 3 more Star Wars Anthology films have been set for production alongside the 3 previously known spin off films. With the highly anticipated Rogue One being released in December, and with similarly awaited Han Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi films being released after Episodes 8 and 9, it is not surprising that Disney executives would want to add more movies into the Star Wars Universe. Fans have been giving mixed signals on the leaked plots of these newly discovered films, so let’s take a look at what has been uncovered.

Yoda Anthology  

Ever since Disney revealed that Star Wars was to be given 3 side story films, many fans were hoping to see the backstory of Jedi master Yoda. However, with the announcement of the 3 now-known anthology films, it seemed that Yoda’s story would remain a mystery buried in the swamps of Dagobah. Now, with this new leak, it looks as if Disney has seen the hype that was around the Jedi masters possible movie and have decided to give it the green (Get it? Green? Like Yoda’s skin?) light! The plot leaked online tells about the early life of Yoda, from being picked to go to the Jedi academy, to learning the ways of the force, and on his rise through the ranks of the Jedi masters to the council. I for one am excited to see baby Yoda playing with his newly discovered force powers, or teen Yoda bouncing around his room in the Jedi temple after drinking too many Red Bantha energy drinks.

Stormtrooper AnthologyStormtrooper_Corps


In a surprising turn of events, even for hardcore Star Wars fans, Disney has decided to make a standalone film based off of the Galactic Empire’s main fighting force. Even more surprising is the title: Super Stormtroopers. According to the leaked plot, the story follows a squad of underachieving, prankster stormtroopers around the streets of Mos Eisley on the planet Tatoonie during the Empire’s rule. The group bonds through their tom-foolery, but must truly come together to serve the Emperor when a slew of rebel attacks forces Darth Vader himself to question wether or not the squad has what it takes to be real stormtroopers. While the plot sounds familiar, I for one am overly excited, and want to see this movie right meow.

Jar Jar Binks Anthology

After seeing the excitement for the possible Yoda film when the first 3 anthology films were announced, Disney quickly and quietly began writing for a story based on everyone’s favorite character, Jar Jar Binks. It wasn’t until today that we found out about Disney’s plans from this leak. Ahmed Best reprises his role as the goofy Gungan Jar Jar, with George Lucas returning as director. The leaked character list also provides a list of characters with surprising voiceovers from famous actors such as Gary Busey, Fran Drescher, Gilbert Gottfried, Adam Sandler, and Kristin Chenoweth. According to leaked emails, the film is being rushed through production in order to “give the fans the Jar Jar Binks movie they deserve”. As of right now, the producers are having a tough time with the title, but it is being reported that possible titles include Top Gun-gan or Jar Jar Head.

While the release dates for each movie are not final, it is assumed that they will be filmed and ready to be released on April Fools Day of 2016.

So what do you guys think? Would you see any of these movies? Were you fooled? Leave us some comments below!

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Trevor White is a huge Star Wars fan and serial prankster. He also writes a weekly Walking Dead article and loves pizza.

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