The Walking Dead: East Review (SPOILERS)

Alexandria is locked down after Carol sneaks out and Daryl goes on a mission to avenge Denise’s death. Will the two return unscathed?


Let’s start with one of the biggest parts of this week’s episode of The Walking Dead; Carol leaving the group. As we saw from the ending of last episode, Carol has decided that she doesn’t want to kill anymore and has left with some supplies. She seems to be stitching up a coat, getting ready for he travels away from Alexandria, but Tobin interrupts her and she spends the night with him. It almost seems like she only stays one more night with him just so he is fooled into thinking that everything is ok, but in reality I don’t think that she really likes him in a loving way. In the middle of the night, she steals a car (which looks like someone tried to make their own Mad Max replica car and failed) and heads out on the road.

Carol runs into some big trouble while trying to get away from Alexandria in the form of a small group of Saviors. They were actually on their way to pay a visit to the group, but instead decided to stop Carol to try to get some intel on the community. The group stopped the wrong person though, as Carol lets loose with a gun that she had sewn into the sleeve of her coat. Oh, Carol! You’re such a resourceful little killer! You can really tell that she didn’t want to kill the raiders by the way that she breaks down at the thought of having to kill again. I had thought that maybe Carol was putting on a show when Maggie and herself were captured and she had a panic attack, but it looks now like those were the first signs of her inner struggle between killing and not killing. She manages to get away from the scene of the firefight, but from what we can tell in the last scene of her in this episode, she may be injured.

Upon hearing the news from Tobin about Carol leaving, Morgan and Rick reluctantly decide to team up to find her. Ever since the raid on the Savior’s base took place, I’ve been hoping that some sort of scenes would take place between these two characters. They represent the two sides of the argument between killing normal human threats and holding them to see if they can change their ways, and I knew that a dialogue between the two would be interesting. The two find what remains of Carol’s altercation with the Saviors and follow blood (what they presume to be Carol’s blood, but do we really know that?) to a farm, where they find a man trying to find a horse. I’ll talk more about that guy in a little bit. Although the argument between the two kind of gets lost in all of the action throughout the show, I think the final scenes between the two really sum up everything really well. Morgan tells Rick about the Wolf which he kept in Alexandria during the walker invasion, and how that Wolf escaped from him, took Denise hostage, “changed his killing ways” and saved Denise from being killed by the walkers, and then Denise saved Carl after getting shot in the eye. His whole argument that the Wolf saved Denise because he changed his ways is a little shaky in my opinion, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Morgan then convinces Rick that he will go on to find Carol while Rick goes back to rally the troops, leaving Rick to think about his choices to be so unforgiving to his enemies.

Carol isn’t the only one who has been thinking about past events, as we see Daryl leave to bring down revenge on Dwight for killing Denise. I really felt for Daryl because it’s very apparent that Daryl regrets not killing Dwight back in the burnt forest when Dwight stole his crossbow and motorcycle, and now he plans to kill Dwight once and for all. Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita follow him to talk some sense into him as they travel back to the railroad tracks where Denise was killed in last week’s episode, but when they eventually find Daryl, he has no thoughts on stopping. Rosita decides that she also wants to join Daryl since she was also there for Denise’s death, and they run off to go take on Dwight and the remaining Saviors.

One of the minor plots of the episode that I just thought of as fluff was the story line between Maggie and Enid. After returning with Glenn, I never really looked at Enid as an important character, even in the past few episodes where Maggie tries to take Enid under her wing. This episode was going to be the same, or so I thought. I was in complete shock when Maggie started to have stomach pains and began screaming. It seems like either she is going to have the baby, or something more disturbing is happening. Will they really have a zombie baby popping out of Maggie’s stomach on the show? I guess we have to wait until next time.

In the final scenes of this week’s episode, Glenn and Michonne, who decide to let Daryl and Rosita leave to hunt down Dwight, are captured by the group of Saviors. Then, it looks as if Daryl and Rosita are about to come in to save the day, but out pops Dwight with another Savior to round up the ambushers. This is where things get REALLY heated! To end the episode, we hear Dwight say “Hi Daryl”, and as Daryl turns around, Dwight shoots him. The screen goes black, and Dwight says “You’ll be alright.” I’m assuming that by Dwight saying this, Daryl really is alright, but you can’t really tell for sure. It’s the exact same situation as Glenn falling off that dumpster into the horde, you’ll never know until next episode.

 Final Score


+ Carol vs Saviors scene was badass

+ Cute Sasha and Abraham moment

+ Rick and Morgan rolling out together

+ Daryl going to avenge Denise

+ Rick and Michonne weird apple eating scene

– Maggie in pain

– Rick and Morgan discussions were overpowered by action scenes

– Moving from scene to scene was confusing sometimes

– – – Daryl shot at very end of show

What did you guys think? Do you think Daryl is dead? Is Carol worth going after? What do you think is happening to Maggie? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trevor White is a Walking Dead fan and is going to be so disappointed if they killed off Daryl. He is also a huge fan of Star Wars and pizza.

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2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: East Review (SPOILERS)”

  1. I thought it was a great episode, I was on edge the entire time, especially as more of my favourite characters were leaving Alexandria. I was hoping if they stayed inside the walls that they would be safe!
    I’m hoping Daryl isn’t dead, although with a gun shot at close range I don’t see him surviving long especially now Denise is gone and the Saviors have him captured. I don’t feel like it’s his time, we have a lot more to learn about Daryl Dixon!
    I really can’t predict who will die next week, but I am worried for Daryl for obvious reasons, Michonne and Glenn. All three are favourite characters of mine so I will be very sad to see any of them go!

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