4 Hurdles That Batman V Superman Must Overcome For Opening Weekend

It might not be doing so hot with critics at the moment, but the box office projections say otherwise about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

DC’s juggernaut Batman V. Superman comes out tonight in the United States, and it is projected to have a superb opening weekend. Deadline reports a predicted a global opening of $350 million. This would place it slightly behind Furious 7’s debut last year of $397 million.

Domestically, BvS is on track for a $150 million open, according to CNN Money.

While these are definitely solid numbers, BvS might run into a few hurdles – nothing make or break, but something that Marvel movies have not had to worry about.

  • Run time – the movie clocks in at approximately 2 hours and 31 minutes. It’s not crazy, but for a movie that is desperate for any ounce of momentum it can grab, time matters and the flow of the film is important.
  • No Mystery – we saw the first trailer for this nearly 20 months ago. It’s stale at this point. We’ve seen quite a bit. A big reason for Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ success was the mystery surrounding it. We had absolutely no clue what the true plot of the movie was, nor the finer details. It feels like we’ve seen too much of BvS.
  • Lack of Development – by the time we finally saw The Avengers assemble in the first Avengers film, it was the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 6th film. We had a good chunk of time to meet the characters and grow to love them. BvS is movie number 2 in DC’s crack at building a rival universe. I enjoyed Man of Steel and I think Henry Cavill is a good Superman, but we are about to meet – as in, for the very first time – an overloaded cast of characters, perhaps as many if not more than we did in The Avengers. There was no buildup to this, so it likely won’t be as epic as we want it to be.
  • Unfocused Plot – it seems like with the introduction of so many major characters and likely so many story lines, BvS is going to be a bit of jumbled mess when it comes to story. I hope that’s not the case. We must quickly catch up with Batman. Meet Wonder Woman. The Flash. Aquaman. Lex Luthor. Oh, and that Superman guy, what’s he been up to since Man of Steel?

Ticket pre-sales have been estimated between $20-25 million. In contrast, Star Wars pulled in $50 million in pre-sale IMAX tickets alone, according to Fandango.

I want this movie to do well. I really do. I adored the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy. Batman is awesome. If early reports are correct, Ben Affleck does a good job in the role, which shocks me. I’m seeing the film this weekend and boy do I hope to write a follow-up piece that says I was wrong. DC didn’t have to rush to this point just to match Marvel punch for punch. Marvel has been doing this for a while, no sense in trying to catch up.

I’ll leave you with the two things I am most intrigued by – Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor.

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