Matches Malone has finally met his “match,” or has he?


In the third episode of Gotham since the return after the mid-season break, we are back with new faces, new villains, new victims, and a new direction for the show.


We are back, and baby Batman has a bitter conscious on him – seeking vengeance on the one who murdered his parents.

Bruce Wayne, will not be stopped by anyone to meet the one he thinks killed his parents, despite great concern showed by Alfred and Jim Gordon.

Meeting one’s sworn enemy isn’t as easy as one might think. In order to even get a minuscule detail of where Matches could be at the time, Alfred had to fight a very large man nicknamed “Cupcake” and fork over $50,000.

The lead that was given to Bruce sent him to a nightclub swarming with Joker references. Jerome was on the screens while amateur rock music was playing, and Jerry, the girl who Bruce was meeting to get details on where to find Matches, had white makeup on her face and smeared lipstick, mirroring the look that Jerome had the last time we saw him.

Jerry became a quick ally to Bruce, and when Gordon appeared in the club, Jerry started a mini riot with Jim crowdsurfing, so that Bruce could escape seamlessly without Jim standing in his way.

Finally, Bruce ended up at Matches’ apartment and was “interviewing” him to gauge his murder repertoire. Bruce finally revealed his true intentions and Bruce told Matches that he was the one who killed Bruce’s parents.

It seemed like Matches confessed that he was the perpetrator, but before we could get further details, he shot himself dead. Differing theories may apply here, but it doesn’t seem as though he actually was the killer in this scenario, and if he was, he was merely a puppet in a ploy and someone paid him off.

This scenario may have deterred the momentum of the show and could have been quite possibly left off the show. This was an anticlimactic moment and buildup and now what Bruce was looking forward to knowing is over. It didn’t seem like a large struggle to find the “killer” and Bruce stopped over there, and Matches was instantly gone. Instead of putting this part in the plotline, the mystery of who killed his parents could have remained a mystery. But, in the case where Matches actually wasn’t the killer, then bravo Gotham. We probably have another plotline ahead of us.

On the contrary, this is the first glimpse we have of Bruce turning into Batman. He left a note for Alfred saying he needs to learn to be in the world alone and be a part of his surroundings. We are going to see a lot of growth from Bruce now that he knows he is the one who determines his future. The growth of his character may be just what the show needs to re-build up that momentum.

Dang, Gotham. You’re doing your job, you’ve confused us again.

The viewers aren’t the only ones confused though.

At Arkham Asylum, Penguin is dealing with his own struggles. Dr. Hugo Strange is conducting experiments on him, including making him envision his evil twin killing his mother while he is talking to her. Penguin also is trying to get alone with the other inmates at Arkham, but they don’t like him there. Penguin even got beat up for having ice cream.

While Strange is conducting his experiments and seeing where Penguin fits in, it’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly he is trying to get out of Penguin.

There was a moment in the show, where the man who attached Penguin over ice cream was placed in the same scenario as Penguin was, where he was hooked up to a machine with a helmet on and had to endure torture, or “therapy.” A sharp butcher knife was laid on a small table in that room. Instead of Penguin seeking revenge on the man, Penguin used that knife to cut the rope that affixed the man to the chair.

Is Penguin putting on a façade? If so, it clearly is working since Strange released Penguin out of Arkham and was awarded with a certificate of sanity.
We can only hope that Penguin and Ed Nygma will team up again, but according to the previews, that wish may come true.

Speaking of Nygma, Gordon went to talk to him about the whereabouts of Kristin Kringle. It is too early to tell, but it seems like Nygma may seek revenge on Gordon.

The question for this is, is this a major plot point and we will see more of these discussions in future episodes, or will this fizzle away in the background?

As always, Gotham will reveal its intentions at some unknown point, in some unpredictable fashion.



A new plotline has to be featured, that will be as high energy as the one with Jerome. There are high hopes for future episodes.

+Hugo Strange is as creepy as he looks

+Penguin is free

+Fish Mooney still hasn’t had dialogue yet

-The entire meeting with Bruce and Matches


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