Microsoft Announces Cross-Network Play

The path to an united gaming experience begins

In a recent blog post Chris Charla, the director of ID@XBOX, stated that Microsoft will be pursuing Cross-Network Play between it’s Xbox One console and other PC and console networks. This announcement spurred a response from long time rival Sony. Charla also announced that that the first game that will support with feature is Psyonix’s hit Rocket League. See the whole announcement below:

“First, in addition to natively supporting cross-platform play between Xbox One and Windows 10 games that use Xbox Live, we’re enabling developers to support cross-network play as well. This means players on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live will be able to play with players on different online multiplayer networks – including other console and PC networks.

Of course, it’s up to game developers to support this feature, and Xbox Live players will always have the option of choosing to play only with other Xbox Live players. We’re thrilled to confirm that Psyonix’s Rocket League will be one of the first games to take advantage of this new capability by enabling cross-network play between Xbox One and PC players, with an open invitation for other networks to participate as well.”

Sony’s Response

The day after Microsoft’s announcement, a Sony representative reported the following to Gamespot:

“PlayStation has been supporting cross-platform play between PC on several software titles starting with Final Fantasy 11 on PS2 and PC back in 2002. We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play.”

This is a very safe response, but does give hope to a potential partnership between the two rival companies. If the barriers between Playstation and Xbox gamers can be removed, then gamers will be united as then they ever have been before.

Long Road Ahead

In a world of DLC and retail exclusive content the gaming industry is very out of touch with it’s user base. The appeal to big corporate interests and the bottom line have disenfranchised gamers and that has taken a toll on the communities overall morale. This announcement seems to be a shift away from this model toward a more gamer-centric model.

It is industry leaders like Phil Spencer who are consistently keeping the gamers at the heart of the innovations and initiatives at Microsoft that gives hopes for the future. It will be a long road until the day when you can boot up a Xbox and be able to play with PS4 players, but these are the first steps.



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