Daredevil Final Trailer – The Rising Is Coming – TOMORROW

The final trailer for Daredevil’s season 2 on Netflix dropped and it is chock full of awesome. It’s got Electra, granted she threatens to kill Matty, it’s got lots of fight action. It’s got ninja dudes, who don’t know it, but they are about to get their ninja asses whooped. “The Rising is coming”… Ninja dudes from a group called The Rising? Maybe. It’s got a hint of romance between Karen and Matt. It doesn’t have the Punisher, but we know he’s the there. Matt spits out some blood, which is about as uncommon as Josiah Leroy liking Star Wars (eye roll) And the very most exciting part is that it has Daredevil swinging around all…you know….Daredevil style.

Man oh man……….check this shizzle out.

What the hell is up with super heroes jumping down holes to start trailers this season?


Gonna be bingeing Daredevil right away? Gonna wait? What do you think about this final trailer? Let me know in the comments below.

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