BREAKING: Playstation VR Price and Release Date Announced

Today at GDC 2016, Sony has finally revealed price and release info on their upcoming virtual reality peripheral/platform for the PS4.

The headset will launch in October 2016. Retailed price is $399.


A closed press event was held at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA.


“It’s been a long road for virtual reality, one that’s gone back and forth from the research labs and taken a lot of twists and turns into and out of the consumer consciousness.¬†One could argue that VR is a natural extension of the kind of experience that PlayStation has always tried to deliver to gamers.”


Andrew House opened the presentation with these statements, along with touching on the “over 230 developers” that are developing games for PS VR right now.

Detailed specs were given, mention was made of “cinematic mode”, which will let you play flatscreen games or watch movies.

Source: The Verge

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Playstation VR Price and Release Date Announced”

    1. The weight of the headset doesn’t matter much since the way you wear it allows for better weight distribution, putting the weight mainly on your head as opposed to your face.

      I also don’t have the impression it’s rushed. We know they’ve been working on it for years, occasionally even in collaboration with the Oculus guys. Specs are indeed lower than Oculus & Vive, but I think that’s likely to be a great move for Sony & VR in general in the long run.

      While Oculus & Vive are high end devices with better immersion, PS VR still does a very good job with the experience, while also being a device that costs drastically less than the competition, built to work for a console with an existing expansive install base, rather than needing a powerful PC rig, likely requiring pricey purchase or upgrade for consumers to run.

      It can be argued that Sony taking this approach is the best chance VR has at becoming mainstream.

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