The Walking Dead: The Same Boat Review (SPOILERS)

Carol and Maggie are taken hostage by more of Negan’s people. Will they escape?


This week, we pick right up from where last week’s episode of The Walking Dead left off; with Carol and Maggie being captured by more of Negan’s people. And those are the only two main characters we see for 95% of the episode after a quick few words between Rick and the “leader” of this small group, Paula. We see huge struggles between the hostage takers and the hostages, but also the struggles in the hostages minds.

This new group only consists of 4 people, but we get a pretty good view into the type of people Negan likes to keep around just by looking at these guys. We have:

  •  Donnie, the only guy in the group and the one with the lowest pain tolerance apparently. He spends most of the episode whining about his gunshot wound from Carol (which in all fairness, I would too) and tourniquet. That leads him to try to lash out at Carol, and after a brief scuffle, leader Paula knocks him out. He dies, I think from his wound or from the blow to the head, and becomes a walker. He’s the classic woman beating misoginist, he’s annoying, and I’m glad he’s gone.
  • Molly, an older woman who is a chain smoker. Apparently her constant coughing is more than just a cough, she shows Carol that she’s coughing up blood. After leaving Carol and Maggie alone in their holding room, Molly returns to find a trap set by the hostages. Former group member turned walker is there waiting for her, and Molly gets bitten on the wrist before being brutally killed by Maggie. Molly is also very annoying, especially when that nasty cough covers up other people’s voices throughout the episode. I’m glad she’s gone.
  • Michelle, the doppelgänger of Maggie (it’s more like they have similar backgrounds, they don’t look the same), who also had a child with her boyfriend, but lost both. She’s eventually killed by Carol when the main characters escape. More on her in a bit.
  • Finally, we have “leader” Paula. She is the doppelgänger (once again, not looks but stories are similar) of Carol. A former mom turned killer, she now has no remorse for killing and actually seems to be desensitized to most emotion. She has little empathy for Carol and Maggie, even during Carol’s fake anxiety attack and when everyone finds out Maggie is pregnant. She dies after a struggle with Carol (more later) when she is impaled on a spike and a walker gnaws on her face.

There were some other characters, but we didn’t really get to know their names. I think they were backup for Paula sent to help transport the hostages back to Negan, and they only had a tiny amount of screen time before Carol and Maggie trapped them in a room and lit them on fire. Damn Carol and Maggie! You guys scary!

The biggest conflicts we see in this episode are between Maggie and Michelle, and between Carol and Paula. They’re not only physical conflicts, but mental conflicts too. With Maggie and Michell, I think it’s more of a physical conflict. Michelle really hates Maggie and seems to have some sort of blood lust, and Maggie is just trying to save herself and her baby. They connect when Michelle is trying to pull information out of Maggie, and they talk about their past lives, but that soon sours. She does go a little psycho when she kills Molly (HOLY CRAP). I hope Maggie regrets coming on this raid after this whole situation. On the other hand, with Carol and Paula, it’s very much a two sided conflict; mental and physical. Carol and Paula are both mothers who have lost their children to this new apocalyptic world, and have also suffered through some sort of abuse. Now, while trying to survive, the two also seem to have desensitized themselves to killing others. I think that with Carol, she becomes re-sensitized to how wrong killing can be after she sees how evil a life of murdering with no remorse is when she meets Paula (Paula says “I lost count after I hit double digits” and from what we see in Carol’s kill journal, she is almost to twenty). By the end of the episode, both Carol and Maggie are distraught, and reasonably so. Both characters went through some crazy crap this week.

Overall, I think that this episode was good. It was beautifully written and acted, and it’s definitely an episode belonging to season 6 in terms of action and story. I loved the way that the new characters reflected the main characters, while at the same time showing a different, darker version also. The action was great, and even though I wish I’d seen more of Rick and the rest of the group, I’m happy to see Carol and Maggie develop and complicate themselves as characters.

 Final Score


+ Excellent story line

+ Loved to see internal and external conflicts

+ The using one set idea is really cool

+ Carol and Maggie kicked ass

+++ No main characters die

– Would have loved to see Paula come back

– Wanted to see more Rick and the gang

– – – This buildup for the end of the season is KILLING ME

What did you guys think? Which new character do you like? Would you have chosen to escape like Carol and Maggie, or would you have waited for the group to come save you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trevor White is a Walking Dead fan and never thought he would be that scared of a pregnant lady like Maggie. He is also a huge fan of Star Wars and pizza.

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