Geek Madness Round 3 Voting: The Super Sixteen

8 Heroes. 8 Villains. It’s down to the Super Sixteen!

Round 3 of Geek Madness is upon us! There were some close bouts in Round 2, but now the dance gets smaller. Cast your vote below in each of the 8 match-ups to see your favorite heroes and villains advance from the final four in their respective divisions!

Round 2 featured some pretty brutal match-ups, including Batman defeating Superman (with Dawn of Justice right around the corner!), Captain America beating Iron Man by the slimmest of margins (foreshadowing for Civil War?), and The Joker winning out over his gal, Harley Quinn.

gm 16 star wars

gm 16 marvel

gm 16 magic

gm 16 dc

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