The Walking Dead: Not Tomorrow Yet Review (SPOILERS)

The people of Alexandria must decide if they will strike first against the Saviors. Will they protect themselves and stay away, or will they help the people of The Hilltop?


This week on The Walking Dead, we start with a weirdly cheery tune. At first, I thought I had skipped the right channel and was watching some weird sitcom, but then I realized I was in the right place when Carol chopped right into that walker’s head. We follow Carol around on her quest to make some beet & acorn cookies. She passes them out to all of the community, just like your grandma would make cookies just for you and make you feel special. On the other end of the spectrum though, we see that Carol is keeping some kind of journal adding the initials of the humans she has killed in the past. Very serial killer-esque. I really love how the writers keep showing how Carol can turn her house wife side off like a light switch, and can turn her crazy, murderous side on at her own whim. She also has a bit of a romantic moment with Alexandria’s construction foreman. I didn’t even see this coming! I always thought that Daryl and Carol would be together. This is just the beginning of the twists and turns that occur during tonight’s show.

While on the topic of romantic interests (this half of the season seems to be very obsessed with love), Abraham finally tells Rosita that he is not in love with her, saying “I thought you were the last woman on Earth, but you’re not.” It completely breaks Rosita’s heart. It’s very brutal, but it needs to be taken care of, especially if Abraham and Sasha are going to be a thing. He has been full of memorable quotes this season, and tonight was no exception. Plus Eugene was super awkward after Abraham left, and it actually added points to his likability meter for me.

Next, I want to talk about Morgan. He has been, in my opinion, one of the most interesting characters in the series, but this season he is really getting on my nerves. I understand that he doesn’t want to kill and wants to give people a second chance, but the world of the walking dead isn’t so black and white, particularly when it comes to protecting innocents from the wicked and twisted. When Rick brings everyone together in Alexandria’s church to explain what must be done to the Saviors, he explains that it must be done in order to maintain peace in both their community and in The Hilltop community. But for some reason, Morgan still hasn’t learned from his experience with the Wolves, and speaks up against their preemptive strike against Negan’s men. Maybe it’s because I know that bad things are about to happen, but Morgan needs to learn that some evil in the world can’t be cured. By the end of the episode, he appears to be welding a jail cell together in the room that he kept the Wolf in, so at least he is doing something productive.

After voting and planning their attack, Rick and the rest of the group put their strategy into motion and expertly assault the Saviors’ compound in one of the most heart-pounding action sequences this season. The whole time I was on the edge of my seat, hoping and praying that all of the group would make it out alive. The attack left a mark on many, especially on Glenn, who experienced his very first human kill. I thought it was particularly important because Glenn hasn’t killed an actual live person throughout the entire series, and you can see his emotion when he finally breaks his streak. It shows the viewers how serious his task of eradicating the Saviors really is, and it’s nice to see him spare Heath of having to do the same. We do see, however, that these guys are psychopaths by the photos that they have hung up on the walls, showing their victims’ heads smashed in. While clearing other rooms, Abraham and Sasha are discovered and the alarm is sounded, causing the entire building to fall into chaos. During this sequence, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha were all badass as usual. Others, like Gabriel and Aaron, definitely earned their stripes, too, by holding their own. The raid appears to be a success, with the bunker being clear and Ethan’s brother being saved.

Unfortunately, while the rest of the group are storming the building, Carol and Maggie are captured by some reinforcements of the Saviors who probably came when they heard the alarm go off. I have a really hard time with the fact that Maggie is at the raid. You’re pregnant! What are you doing anywhere near a firefight?

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, even if it almost gave me a heart attack. You can never beat a huge action sequence like in tonight’s show, and the story lines of all of these characters weaving together are very entertaining. Now, with only 4 more episodes left in this season, the stakes are higher than ever. And since there weren’t any major deaths in this episode (surprisingly), we can expect some tragic events soon. (Hopefully nothing too huge though, I’m getting really invested in these characters.)

Final Score


+Carol being a mom/serial killer

+Abraham breaks up with Rosita

+I don’t hate Eugene in this episode!

+Raid on Savior bunker

+Badass Daryl, Abraham, Rick, Michonne, Jesus

+Daryl finds his motorcycle


-Morgan’s morals threaten the safety of the group (again…)

-Maggie is pregnant and near a gunfight for some reason

—Stress for the next episodes

What did you guys think? Do you trust Morgan? Do you think the raid on the Saviors was the right or wrong thing to do? Would you eat Carol’s beet & acorn cookies? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trevor White is a Walking Dead fan and would definitely NOT eat Carol’s beet & acorn cookies. He is also a huge fan of Star Wars and pizza.

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