6 Characters We Want To See In Battlefront Before Nien Nunb (& Greedo)

Really DICE?!? Greedo & Nien Nunb are the first DLC characters for Star Wars Battlefront?

EA & DICE have (finally) outlined what we can look forward to with the $50 season pass for Star Wars: Battlefront. Well, mostly. The first add-on, Outer Rim, will offer new locations such as the factories of Sullust and Jabba the Hutt’s Palace on Tatooine.

The most notable aspect of the press release is that we are receiving Nien Nunb and Greedo as playable characters. The original game game us Heroes Han Solo (RIP), Princess Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker, as well as Villains Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, and Boba Fett. No arguments here – those 6 are the primary characters that would have been on 99% of fans’ lists. It is an extremely odd choice, transitioning from faces of the Star Wars franchise (true icons) to more niche characters like these two. Though, it is more understandable in Greedo’s case due to a smaller set of recognizable villains in the original trilogy.

How about that wicked troll from EA? Really?
How about that wicked troll from EA? Really? “Shooting first with Greedo”?
I could sit here & say it’s lazy but of course, I have never made a video game. Sullust was one of four planets in the game, maybe it made sense to place native Sullustan Nien Nunb in there? Greedo would visit Jabba’s Palace, as the two have worked together. Also, the Rodian and Sullustan heads are unlockable in the game already.

Regardless, here are the characters we would rather see in Battlefront DLC. Please note, only characters related to the original trilogy are being chosen, as every announced Battlefront DLC pack (with the exception of the 4th pack, which is likely centered on Rogue One) is from that era:

Lando Calrissian 

The smooth talking scoundrel is easily among the most recognizable heroes in the entire Star Wars saga. Sure, Nien was his co-pilot during the assault on the second Death Star, but General Calrissian was the man with the plan.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

You bet we’d love to play as the old hermit himself. Good ‘ol Ben would be a blast to control, as we have only ever been able to control Clone Wars era-Obi-Wan in video games. Strike us down and we’ll become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.


A seemingly obvious choice, how much fun would it be to run around the battlefield with Han Solo? Hitting an emote with Chewbacca would be plain awesome, if not hilarious. Using that Bowcaster? I think I feel the same that Han does in The Force Awakens.


Though he’s quite up there in age, like Kenobi, Yoda would be an absolute joy to control. You know that sound Palpatine makes when you use his special ability? Wouldn’t it be sick if Yoda’s special made that battle cry trigger that you hear in his Attack of the Clones Lightsaber duel?

Wedge Antilles 

Pawlak will be happy with this mention. If we are picking pilots such as Nien, Wedge is one of the best the Rebel Alliance has. Fun fact: Ewan McGregor’s (Obi-Wan Kenobi from Episodes 1-3) uncle played Wedge in Episodes 4 & 6.

Grand Moff Tarken

Didn’t see this one coming, did you? He might be a tie with Greedo, but his performance in A New Hope & major presence towards the end of the animated series The Clone Wars place him on this list. It would be neat to witness the Governor lead his Storm Troopers into battle.


Who do you want to see in Star Wars: Battlefront? Leave a comment below.

Check out our review for the original game here. We noted that it is a “game for the ages,” and that it delivered “the most authentic Star Wars experience found in any game, ever.”

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