The Walking Dead: The Next World Review (SPOILERS)

Alexandria returns to “normal” after defending against the horde. But how long will it stay this way?


While this wasn’t the thrilling, action-packed mid-season premier that we saw in last week’s Walking Dead, this week we had a more relaxed, arguably just as fulfilling episode with an ending that many fans have been waiting for. Taking place two months after a chaotic Episode 9, we find that everyone is readjusting to “normal” life back in walker-free Alexandria. The wall is back up, Carl is managing to rehabilitate himself after his gunshot wound to the eye, and it’s back to making supply runs for Rick and Daryl.

One of the best parts of this episode is definitely the adventuring and bonding between Rick and Daryl. It has been so rewarding to see the way each character has evolved over the past 6 seasons, and to see how the two have almost grown into brothers. The dynamic duo always deliver in terms of action, and seeing them on a run in search of supplies is so fun, especially the way that they are on the same level 100% of the time. I could watch these two kick ass for a whole season.

While I actually enjoyed this episode very much, it did have a some issues. A couple of my small complaints are just about characters that I can’t stand, which I think we all have, but there’s not much I can do about that. I personally have no confidence in Enid and Eugene, so I can only hope they somehow regain my trust down the long road ahead. However, my largest concern lies with Spencer. Why does he have to be so sketchy for the entire episode??? I understand that going out to find and kill your zombie mom so you have some closure might be a little personal and emotional, but you don’t have to be so ominous about it. If I had to go out and do that, I’d at least tell someone and probably have someone come with me just incase. Just let Michonne go with you! You never know when you’ll need a katana-wielding zombie killer.

Now since I haven’t really read into The Walking Dead comics, I usually end up doing minor research into any new, important characters when word comes that they will be introduced. I like when the show’s creators bring new people into the world of the dead, and with a huge name like Negan floating around, I couldn’t wait to see what tonight’s episode had in store. Now we have another major character: Paul Monroe, AKA Jesus. In the comics, Jesus is completely badass. He’s crafty, a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter, and a huge part of the Negan storyline. We can see from tonight’s episode that the first two categories are covered when Rick and Daryl run into him. Now that Jesus is with the group in Alexandria, you can bet that the next episode, and the rest of the season for that matter, will be out of this world!

Finally, the biggest part of the episode! It’s been teased at throughout the past couple of seasons, but the inevitable has happened! After the death of Rick’s “girlfriend” Jessie in last week’s episode, and after I assume he mourned her death over the past two months, Rick and Michonne have revealed their feelings for each other! Their kissing scene was sweet and as romantic as the zombie apocalypse can get, and now the thousands of fans can go to bed knowing that “Richonne” wasn’t just a figment of their imagination. Why didn’t they show this episode last week during Valentine’s Day?


Image courtesy of AMC

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. While I have some minor issues with characters like Spencer, Eugene, and Enid, the rest of the show was a success. You’ll almost never have a crappy chapter of The Walking Dead when you combine Rick and Daryl’s ventures with the long-awaited mushy scenes between Mishonne and Rick, and then throw a huge character like Jesus into the mix.

Final Score



So what did you guys think of Episode 10? Are you excited for Jesus? Do you have any characters you hate? Are you fans of the bromance, or of “Richonne”? Let me know in the comments down below!

Trevor White is a Walking Dead fan and first time writer, who would like to see a Laverne and Shirley style spin-off about Rick and Daryl.

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