Geek on TV This Week

As February comes to a close and with it the end of the February Nielson sweeps, we are also coming to the end of a few TV shows for the year. I spend my TV time on superhero and sci fi TV. I wish I had more time. There are some great shows I am missing. Here’s what I am watching and what you can expect this week……..there are some minor spoilers here.

Monday, February 22
8 pm – FOX – X-Files
The end of the 6 episode miniseries. I loved it. One episode was suspect, but the rest I really enjoyed. The episode is called My Struggle II and features widespread panic when people across the country get ill. Scully looks for the cure and Mulder goes after the dude he thinks is behind it all. The Smoking Man, maybe?

8 pm – CBS – Supergirl
I’m really enjoying this one. Doesn’t take itself too seriously. This weeks episode includes a bad guy executing aliens. The space age guillotine from the previews looks pretty darned cool.

Tuesday, February 23
8 pm – The CW – The Flash
Ended with a cliffhanger last week at the conclusion of a two part episode that sent Barry, Cisco and Harrison Wells back to Earth 2 to free Wells daughter. Well, they succeeded in that, but at the very end as they attempted to close the breach, Zoom snagged Jay Garrick, much to Caitlyn’s consternation, before the breach closed. Hoping we move forward with that, even though the promos are showcasing the return of the King Shark (maybe the dumbest baddie so far.)

9pm – ABC – Agent Carter
The third and second last episodes in a two part, back to back. Last week was a two part, back to back episode as well. It’ll bean exciting ending, as Dottie has re-entered the fray and Whitney Frost has become more confident with her powers. Will Peggy and team be able to save Dr. Wilkes?

10 pm – MTV – The Shannara Chronicles
This ain’t your father’s “Elfstones of Shannara”. In the beginning I thought it was going to be a pretty tight retelling of the Terry Brooks classic high fantasy novel. Not so much, but I am still enjoying it. Last week’s episode really pushed the envelope, introducing electricity and guns. This week we hit episode 9 of the 10 episode run. It started with 1.031 million viewers in week number one and has mostly been falling off. Last week’s episode was down to 778,000. This is the episode where they reach Safehold (also the title of the episode) and the series finishes up next week with an episode titled “Ellcrys”. There is a certain ending, that the elves win and the demons are banished behind the forbidding again. There are TWO huge questions that I’ll save for after the series is over. If you are a Shannara fan, you know what they are.

Wednesday, February 24
8 pm – The CW – Arrow
Last week’s episode left us with the nail biter that Damien Darhk had taken Oliver’s son, William.  This week’s episode is titled “Taken”. Maybe Liam Neeson shows up. He’s got some experience with this. Certainly the promos look like it is a week dedicated to Team Arrow getting the boy back. Also enter Vixen as Ollie seeks a little help in his battle with Darhk. What remains to be seen is the  damage this revelation of a love child does to the team, and more importantly, Oliver’s relationship with Felicity.

Thursday, February 25
8 pm – The CW – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Legendary? Probably not. Kind of an interesting ending last week as the team lands in Star City in 2046 and immediately runs into The Green Arrow, but not their old buddy, Oliver Queen, at least not the one they all know and  love.

What are your thoughts on what’s geek on TV this week? Leave me some comments below, about any of these episodes, or about something I am not watching.


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