The Geekiverse’s Favorite Pokemon

Favorite Pokemon.  Everybody at The Geekiverse has one.  Chances are, if you’ve played any of the games or watched any of the movies or TV shows, you have one too.  Whether it’s one of the 151 originals or a brand spanking new discovery from the sixth generation games, or whether it’s a mighty legendary like Arceus or a lowly little Diglett, some Pokemon has undoubtedly captured your heart.  Here are our favorites!

Andrew Garvey: Psyduck


Hands down, Psyduck has always been my favorite Pokemon.  I love quirky, weird, and nonsensical humor, and you were guaranteed to see some of that each time Psyduck grabbed some screen time (his useless water gun attack, almost drowning in water, etc.).  From the moment first I saw him bogart the spotlight from whatever Pokemon Misty was actually trying to use, I couldn’t help but laugh.  He can be so hilariously useless, but his heart is always in the right place.  I will travel to the ends of the earth to make sure I capture my own personal Psyduck when Pokemon Go releases.  While Psyduck may not always be first in my Pokemon lineup, he is always first in my heart.


Jeff Pawlak: Ninetales


Asking a Pokemon fan to choose their one favorite Pokemon isn’t much different from asking a parent to choose their favorite child, but when it’s an absolute must, I go with one of the most majestic of them all-Ninetales. Along with its prior evolution, Vulpix, Ninetales is clearly inspired by Kitsune, the fox spirits from ancient Japanese lore, which is the perfect basis for a Pokemon loaded with so much mystery and myth to its name. It’s one of the most intelligent Pokemon, said to understand human speech, as opposed to just obeying commands. It’s believed to store a different mystical energy in each of its nine tails, which allows it to live for a thousand years-the same length of time that it curses anyone who grabs one of said tails.  I’ve always loved that, while it’s a Fire type Pokemon who excels in such powerful moves like Flamethrower and Fire Blast, Ninetales is also apt to employ a more ethereal offense in the form of Psychic, Ghost, and Dark type attacks. And when it comes to sheer beauty, it doesn’t have too many peers in the world of Pokemon; that’s why my Ninetales is the undisputed champ in the Beauty Contests whenever I play Ruby/Sapphire!

Austin Brunner: Charmander


I loved Charmander in the games because it’s a little dragon looking guy with a flame on its tail. How is that not awesome for a little kid? I started with Pokemon Blue, but the idea of taking the little dinosaur, training him up, and watching him evolve into a flying lizard thing that breathed fire? I’m in. Once the show started airing, it solidified my love for little Charmander. Essentially, Charmander was deemed weak and useless by another Pokemon trainer (whose name escapes me to be honest). First, he was loyal, refusing to leave that good for nothing trainer. Who saves the day? Ash Ketchum. Who does Charmander realize is a good trainer? Ash Ketcum. Who does Charmander eventually evolve for? Ash Ketchum. Let’s not dive into Charizard’s faults and focus on how great Charmander’s love for Ash became. When I pick up the Nintendo 3DS 20th anniversary Pokemon edition… you can bet I’m likely starting with Charmander once again, and enjoying every second of it.


Jeff Dugan: Growlithe 


I am a fan of how all Pokemon chosen so far have been gen. 1 and I am not about to break this pattern. I have loved this little Pokemon ever since we crossed paths on Cinnabar Island back in ’98. I am not sure what makes him my favorite, either his speed, the fact that his evolved form, Arcanine, was intended to be a legendary Pokemon from Chinese mythology, or just for the simple fact that he is the fire breathing dog I have always wanted. From the time I started my quest as a “champ in the making” in Pokemon Yellow, through every iteration of the game Growlithe was available I have had him in my team. He his, and always will be part of my legendary lineup for Pokemon Stadium.  I just know if there is ever a 3D virtual/augmented version of Pokemon (Pokemon Go), or if Pokemon just showed up in the real world do to some fantastic cloning accident, I will have a Growlithe by my side.

Sam Sarvis: Mew

Yep, I picked the Legendary Pokemon Mew. I remember seeing him for the first time in the first Pokemon movie and I think my love for him solidified when you had to try to take a picture of him in Pokemon Snap. The way he’d float around just “Mewing” I always wanted to catch him in the Original Red and Blue but had to settle with Mewtwo, But now I am able to have him through the Pokemon giveaways and I finally have him on my team. He’s just too cute!

Well, there you have it, all of our favorite Pokemon.  Do you agree or disagree with any of our choices?  What are your favorites?  Why?  Let us know in the comments!


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