Deadpool Kills – Deadpool Review


I better hurry up and write this just to make sure The Geekiverse can claim that sweet title. That’s right, in the spirit of the return of the “Merc with the Mouth” to the big screen I will obliterate the fourth wall in this review before it is even set up. Is there a fourth wall in writing? This is already getting tacky. I guess it is more of a stream of consciousness. Drop it. Too much effort. Deadpool is back and it is about to get very personal. No spoilers here folks so read stress free , but check back in a couple of days for our  spoiler filled reactions!
DeadpoolDeadpool was the directorial debut for Tim Miller and was written by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese, and Paul Wernick. The movie was produced by 20th Century Fox and is another installment in their X-Men franchise.  Deapool/Wade Wilson is played by Ryan Reynolds, as himself, as Deadpool. Other casting highlights include Ed Shriken as Ajax, Briana Hidebrand as Negasonic Teenage Warhead,T.J. Miller as Weasel, and Morena Baccerin as Vanessa. Of course it wouldn’t be a Marvel film without a cameo from the Generalissimo himself, Stan Lee. Overall, this movie was an unabashed, reckless satire of the superhero movie genre and was just what the doctor ordered as far as superhero movie fatigue is concerned.

The 11 year affair

A Deadpool solo movie has been the hopes and prayers of the fans of the character ever since the rise of the X-Men franchise and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie was 11 years in the making and was a passion project for Ryan Reynolds. The story was developed with Reynolds, Tim Miller, Reese and Wernick in 2010.  In 2014, test footage leaked online and the pressure from fans forced 20th Century Fox to green-light the production. From that leaked test footage, to replaying of the trailer at this Comic-Cons panel, to the tremendously innovative marketing campaign, the Deadpool movie had set pretty high expectations to appease the fan base.

Dead on Satire

The good news is Deadpool sticks the landing. The movie earns its R rating in the first five minutes but it also earns every joke it throws at you, unlike previous Ryan Reynolds movies. The shock-jock, or frat-boy humor matches the gory bloodbath of the action scenes in ridiculousness. Those two elements are so well paired that they seem to cancel each other out and make way for a more gripping comedic critique of the genre. Satire is alive and well in Deadpool; from breaking fourth wall to calling out over used tropes in the genre, this movie is saying what is on the minds of fans. Deadpool, the character, is very aware of how long this movie took to make and is easily frustrated by the licensing war between Disney and Fox, and even within Fox itself all over Marvel properties.  In an even larger sense the movie plays to it’s audience with a innumerable amount of easter eggs that span three decades and dozens of comic/pop culture franchises. It was right on the cusp of exhausting trying to keep up, but made for an interesting movie going experience, listening to different segments of the audience react in excited laughter to see their niche represented. It was very clear that Deadpool served it’s audience well.


Pulling Some Punches

Deadpool may have been a great comedy for us geeks to kick off a new year of superhero movies, but the pay off of this movie’s could have been even stronger. There were seemingly easy targets missed in the otherwise very thorough satire in the movie. Topics like women’s roles in these films, and obvious product placement are two that stood out as oversight. This is more than likely due to corporate interference, but it prevented  the film from being a full on subversive comedy it could have been. There is a line, and though the raunchy comedy and gruesome gore dance around it by working in tandem, the exploitation of torture as a way to create the character of Deadpool created a lag in the pacing of the story and was excessive. This dark twist, unlike the humor and gore, felt undeserved but did play in to the over all dark origins of an antihero character of Deadpool.


Just What the Doctor Ordered

This movie could not have had better timing, comedically or otherwise. The superhero genre of movies has never been closer to over-saturation with the Marvel Universe on the brink of it’s third phase of movies, Fox’s X-Men franchise about to launch another film, and DC trying to create a cinematic universe to rival Marvel’s. The dreaded “superhero fatigue” is looming, but Deadpool was the shot in the arm the genre needed to stay relevant a bit longer. This was a fun off the wall comedy that will have you laughing inappropriately loud, but that’s okay because you will not be alone! Oh also, STAY AFTER THE CREDITS FOR SOME EXTRA STUFF!

Thanks, Mr. Pool. See ya in Deadpool 2!



Deadpool will have you laughing in ways you never have before. With some love for the superhero movie genre, this movie has managed to disassemble the genre only to breathe new life into it.

+ As funny as promised, kept the good jokes for the big screen

+ Hits as many geek subcultures with easter eggs galore

+ Ryan Reynolds living out an 11 year dream, and his passion shows

– Rough pacing between chaotic action scenes

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