How Did The Flash Get His Suit to Earth 2?

Warning – Spoilers ahead. I gotta tell you, I have been skeptical of the whole multiple dimension and time traveling aspect of CW’s The Flash. To me, time travel in the comic books and sci-fi is often  just a cheap trick that erases consequences. Kill off a beloved character, go back in time and save them.

I was also a little unsure of the multiple universe, multiple Earth concept. With last night’s episode (Season 2, Episode 13 – “Welcome to Earth 2”, original air date 2/9/16) my uncertainty is gone. This episode was, by far, the best episode of The Flash since its inception, and the best part was the scenes on Earth 2.

Quick recap,  Zoom has captured the daughter of Earth-2’s Harrison Wells. The evil speedster is holding the girl as leverage to use the good doctor to steal Earth 1, Barry Allen’s speed. What a dick, right? In the episode previous to this Wells starts to swipe Barry’s speed, but an impassioned speech by Barry, makes Wells realize he sucks at life and feel bad about speed swiping. In the end, they decide to sneak through the breach linking Earth1 and Earth2 and mount a rescue mission.

In one of the best scenes in all comic book TV, Barry and Cisco arrive at Earth 2, a visually super cool Earth 2, and one of the first things they think to do is shoot a selfie. (I might do the same thing).

By far the best part about Earth 2 is the parallel peeps. Barry’s doppelganger is even dorkier than his E1 self. It’s awesome. And it doesn’t end there. Iris is the only Detective West on Earth 2, and Barry and Iris are married, and Iris is a little revved up on E2, tossing herself at Barry a couple times. I think this will have some big old ramifications back on E1.

We also get to meet the awesome alter ego of Caityn Snow, Killer Frost. I’ve hoped since it came out that Danielle Panabaker would eventually play Frost that actual the series creative staff doesn’t turn E1 Caitlyn Snow into the frigid feindess,  and this is a great compromise. Cisco’s parallel self uses the moniker “Reverb” as opposed to “Vibe” and he is as anti-Cisco as possible, being a self-serving, upper management dickhead for Team Zoom.

Also making an appearance on E2 is Floyd Lawton, AKA Deadshot, who apparently, in this Earth, couldn’t hit an elephant in the ass with a bazooka. Lawton is the partner of the new Detective West, who rides him all the time for his lack of aim. A funny little bit. Someone also mentioned hearing someone refer to Mayor Snart. I immediately tried to imagine a press conference, and it cracked me up a bit.

Rounding out Team Baddie on Earth 2 is the return of Robbie Amell as “Deathstorm”, an evil version of his E1 “Firestorm” identity.   In keeping with tradition, Ronnie Raymond isn’t very resilient and ends up dead by the end of the episode. Dude has to be developing a complex at how quickly they offed him again. Perhaps his superhero name should be “Glass Jaw”.

One of the best moment’s in the episode, however, isn’t E1 Barry fighting his E2 “friends”, it’s when he and Iris come home and he looks at the phone and sees there is a speed dial for his parents, so he calls his mom. Not surprisingly, Barry, and anyone watching that doesn’t have a heart of stone, cries as he talks to his mom. It really is a sweet moment acted expertly by Grant Gustin.

The story was excellent. The performances by the regular cast as characters completely different from their normal characters were superb, and the episode was full of suspense. And Barry cannot resist going all Flash on Killer Frost and DeathStorm. How did he get his suit through the breach? They didn’t check any luggage.

Of course, Zoom makes a few appearances, and heightens the tension (and shortens a couple of lives). I think we are getting closer to seeing who is under the mask. There has been a lot of speculation about it. I am having a tough time guessing. I thought maybe E2 Joseph West, lounge singer. He now has a big reason to not be Zoom, being dead and all. Still could be E2 Henry Allen or E2 Eddie Thawne. Some speculation is that it is just E2 Barry Allen. Pretty sure E2 Barry and Zoom weren’t on screen together, so it could be, I suppose. I am excited for this reveal. Someone posited it might be E2 Patty. Um….no. Next.

The best part, I think, are going to be the E1 ramifications when our heroes make it home. Both Barry and Iris are single again, and we all know there will be a time they hook up. E2 Cisco/Reverb taught  E1 Cisco a couple of tricks his powers can do. No way that Cisco isn’t test driving that vacation is over.

Finally, the rumor mill has been churning out stories of a Flash/Supergirl crossover. Both on separate networks, so it seemed a tad bit….um….. wishful thinking. Supergirl made the tiniest, blurry cameo in the time tunnel that bridges E1 and E2. I’m pretty excited about that possibilty. If there is to be a CW/CBS crossover, it has to go with Flash and Supergirl. Pretty sure bubbly Supergirl would punch doom and gloom Oliver Queen. He is kind of a Debbie Downer.

With everything that was going in, it seems like it was probably a full episode. Yep. Duh. But is was really well done. It is part 1 of a 2 part episode, and in the end, Zoom cliffhangers by capturing Barry and tossing him in a glass cell, where he can see E2 Harrison Well’s daughter, and Zoom says “Gotcha. Here is where you die.” That’s paraphrasing, of course.

Apparently, I was not the only one who thought so. reports that the ratings for the episode were the best since 2014. I am completely pumped for the next episode. I kid you not. So much going on. And I want a gold star for not ruining everything for all y’all.

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