Our Favorite Super Bowl 50 Commercials & Trailers

This year’s Super Bowl’s commercials featured a good chunk of geeky-goodness. We break them down and tell you what worked and what fell flat!

Jason Bourne-

It’s good to see Matt Damon back in the saddle. Rather then the classic  martini sipping spy, the stale beer espionage style he brought to life with Jason Bourne has been sorely missed.  While the trailer doesn’t give away too much, and feels like a bit of a retread of what the movies have already covered, I’d bet we are in for some great surprises and a welcome return of the formerly amnesiac spy.

X-Men Apocalyspe-

In this short trailer we got some really impressive shots of the characters using their powers.  The sheer scale of destruction Magneto and Storm alone are able to cause was exciting to see visually, however the brief glimpses of Psylocke’s psychic katana and Nightcrawler’s teleportation were what got my attention most.  However I have to admit the shot of Quicksilver running looks very goofy and hopefully that is just because it is out of context.

Captain America: Civil War-

The chanting in the background really gives the feeling of an epic war film, and hopefully even though the opposing sides are small, this will have major ramifications for the MCU.  How excited was everyone else at the Iron Man watch gauntlet?  The setup with both teams facing each other down looks to be epic.

10 Cloverfield Lane-

There seems to be mixed reactions with J.J Abrams making a return to the Cloverfield monster.  The trailer definitely goes a long way towards making John Goodman clearly creepy, and the idea of a smaller setting and a view of the ramifications of the monster are intriguing to say the least.  Add in the fact that instead of focusing on the monster we are going to see it as more a force of nature in the setting and this could be a worthy follow up.

The Secret Life of Pets-

This just looks flat out adorable and a strong contender for family film of the year.  The idea of our pets having parties and such when we leave is one thing all kids of daydreamed about at some point, and when I saw the dogs walking around in a circle with pleasant greetings while they sniffed each other’s rears, my inner child screamed “I knew it!”  That plus the head banging poodle has already got me trying to think up excuses for my grown self to go to the cinema.

The Jungle Book-

The first thing noticeable is that the images are beautiful.  The shots of the jungle and the animals look amazing on screen and the voice cast is a welcome successor to the previous animated adaptation.  All the favorites are there and the brief shot of Khan and Baloo fighting got me pumped to see this on screen.

Independence Day Resurgence-

This is one of the few films I don’t feel real excitement for.  It is cool to see much of the original cast back and there is no denying the cultural impact of the original, but sequels this long delayed really have an uphill battle as is and this trailer just looked like more of the same.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows-

I feel like the TMNT reboot gets a bad rap.  It really does cater more to the children of this generation and that is what the original animated series it seems to lift its inspiration from did.  The movie looks like good fun for the younger set and the introduction of fan favorites Bebop, Rocksteady, Kang and Casey Jones should make it appeal to the nostalgia value in all of us.


Last ditch effort to push this film.  The trailer felt largely unnecessary really just giving us more of what we have already seen in the lead up.  Still looks like a good fun flick but nothing really new in this spot.

Eddie the Eagle-

Sports movie underdog story.  We’ve seen the same thing a million times, and the only thing this trailer does differently from the long list of movies that came before is that it has testimonials from sports stars about how great it is.  But really can it be more cliché then sending a message of never giving up and working for your dreams?



Non Trailers:

Antman and Hulk fight over Coke-

I don’t care if it’s cannon–this was a fun little ad.  The smallest and biggest of the Marvel heroes together.  The graphics were very in line with the films, and personally I liked the funny little aside.  Shouldn’t that can have pretty much exploded all over Hulk though?

Visit Metropolis/Visit Gotham-

While not offering much in footage from Batman v Superman, these ads do a lot to give us an idea of the world we will see in the film.  The bright and futuristic look of Metropolis and the gritty, almost noir, feel of Gotham are being brought to life, and this is one component of the animated and comic book worlds we fans have been wanting to see for a long time.  But is it just me, or did Lex and Bruce pointing out how their respective cities have bounced back due to their companies seem a bit self-congratulatory? We get it guys I guess we owe you each a cookie.

Which commercials did you like the most? We want to hear your comments below!

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