What We Are Watching: Noragami

What up Geeks! On this edition I talk about one of my new favorite animes, Noragami!

Noragami is about a demigod named Yato wanting to become a full-fledged God or Kami, but, without a shrine to call his own, he will not be accepted into the ranks of the other Gods, so he has to buy a shrine.  In order to buy a shrine, you have to have money. Yato does odd jobs to raise the cash: anything from cleaning up a bathroom to babysitting–it doesn’t matter Yato, will do it all for 5 yen! On one of his so called jobs, Yato meets a girl named Hiyori Iki. After a freak accident their lives are never the same again.

Now if you aren’t familiar with Japanese culture, let me explain a few things: In Japan they have temples and shrines EVERYWHERE, and these temples and shrines can represent many things. I went to a lot during my time studying there and I remember that every shrine was different. The purpose of the shrine was for people to come and pray. There were shrines for fortune, war, there were even shrines for love and education. When going to said Shrine, you would cleanse your hands in one of their purification fountains and then offer 5 Yen to the collection box and make your wish or prayer to the God of that particular shrine. Sometimes people will even write down their prayers and wishes on a wooden tablet and tie it to a gate near or inside the shrine. The reason I’m explaining these customs is because Noragami uses this custom as a main plot point for the show. The Gods of Noragami need these wishes and prayers–it’s how they stay alive.

Another aspect of the story of Noragami is the understanding of what the different places are in the world. Yato, being a God, is from a place called the Far Shore (Heaven), and humans live on the the Near Shore (Earth). There are also different types of beings: You have Humans, Gods, Spirits, and Phantoms. Spirits are souls from people who have yet to pass on. and Phantoms are corrupt spirits who cause mischief and mayhem on earth. Yato and some of the other Gods have to stop Phantoms who are out of control. To do this they call upon their Regalia: a human spirit who becomes their weapon. Yato’s regalia is a young teenage boy named Yukine, who when called upon becomes a katana.

Now I absolutely love this show and I binged watched the entire first and second season within a week and I was sad to see it over. I feel as if the show is just starting to uncover what the big picture is and I’m dying to know what else is going to happen. I love the characters and I like that it can be serious at times and silly. The Manga is still ongoing, so I’m unsure how long the show is actually going to be. If you like Bleach you’ll like Noragami.

Noragami has two seasons with 12 episodes a piece and you can find the first season on Netflix, but Hulu has both of them.

Noragami has my seal of approval, Cheers Geeks until next time!


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