What We Are Playing: Pocket Mortys


Hello Geeks! Now I have a couple questions for you: First, do you like Pokemon? Second, do you like Rick and Morty? If you answered “Yes” you need to stop what you’re doing and download Pocket Mortys.

Pocket Mortys is an IOS and Android game that plays exactly like a Pokemon game. To be honest, I’m actually shocked that it hasn’t been shut down since the gameplay is so similar. It starts off almost like an episode of Rick and Morty with Rick tinkering around in his garage making some newfangled invention. He has created a “Mortypad” a device that gives him stats on all the different Mortys that are out there.  If you’ve watched the show, you already know about the different dimensions and the endless amount of different Ricks and Mortys that each dimension contains. Rick tells Morty that some of the Mortys are getting separated from their respectable Ricks. As he’s explaining, a portal appears and a Mysterious Rick appears wanting to capture Morty for his own collection. Finding out that Morty already belongs to a Rick he demands a battle to test out his own Morty to see which is better. BATTLE ENSUES!

The battle system is an exact copy to Pokemon: You have ATTACK, ITEM, SWITCH, and RUN. If you touch ‘ATTACK’ Four slots appear just like in Pokemon, and you can choose what attack you’d like your Morty to do.  As you level him he gains new attacks.  Those attacks also have AP, so you have to watch that you don’t run out before the battle is over. Another feature is the “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, attributes. If the Morty you are fighting against is a Rock you best bring out your Paper attribute Morty because his attacks will do more damage, just like taking out scissor while facing a rock will make your attacks do very little damage. The battle concludes when you “daze” your opponent. You’ll also get Schmeckles, the currency for this video game, when you are victorious,  but don’t spend it hastily!

You find that Rick is worried that Mysterious Rick may come back with an army of Mortys, so he decides that he wants to train and gather more data for his Mortypad. He and Morty follow the Mysterious Rick through the portal and end up in his dimension and there you learn how to capture other Mortys. In Pokemon you’ll use a Pokeball, in Pocket Mortys you use a microchip that will trick the other Mortys into thinking they belong to you, and there are about 82 different Mortys that you can capture.

The environment is just like a top down Pokemon game, even having the trainers waiting to battle you while you explore. The music is amazing, taking some of your favorite songs from Rick and Morty and making them midi, such as “Get Schwifty” and “Goodbye Mr. Moon Man.”

As the game progresses, and you meet and defeat Mysterious Rick again, you gain a badge.  Thinking this will be the end of their adventure Rick and Morty go into another portal only to be transported to the Council of Ricks, and Rick’s portal gun is seized. It seems that catching and battling Mortys is all the rage and everyone is doing it. Rick must collect badges and defeat the Council Members if he wants to go home.

All I can say is wow.  For a free phone game this game is absolutely addicting and amazing. I do love that they threw in a little fan service with the number of recognizable characters that they’ve taken from the show–they’ve even included Blips and Chips. If you haven’t watched the show, do it.  If you haven’t downloaded the game, do it. It’s FREE and it’s available on iOS and Android marketplaces.



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