DC TV Universe Midseason Recap/Preview: Arrow, the Flash, Legends of Tomorrow

We were left on the edge of our seats for the mid-season finales of both Arrow and the Flash. In Star City, will Felicity survive the HIVE attack by Damian Dhark on Oliver Queen’s limo?  Is it Felicity’s grave we see from the flash-forward in the first episode this season?

Meanwhile, over in Central City, Will Barry discover the secret to defeating Zoom?  Will Wally West play a significant role in the show?  Will we find out Earth 2’s Harrison Wells’ true motives of either helping Zoom or helping Barry?

All these answers will likely be answered shortly.  The Flash gets underway tonight, and a lot has happened in the first half of the season.

Of course, at the end of the first season, Barry has to use his speed to close a rip in space-time.  This rip  has opened up 52 (good job if you catch the reference) pathways to another universe, another Earth, dubbed so eloquently by Team Flash “Earth 2”.  With Earth 2 comes an assortment of metahumans from  that universe, all controlled by the mysterious Zoom, yet another speedster that Barry Allen must stop.

Zoom is even more interesting than Reverse-Flash, who’s sole goal was to destroy Barry Allen before that ultimately backfired.  Zoom’s goal is to steal Barry’s speedforce to meet some sort of an end.  Whether it’s personal or for some sort of world-domination, we can’t be sure yet.  What we do know is Zoom is already fast, much faster than Barry.  Part of that is through his own speed combined with the speedforce he stole from Jay Garrick, Earth 2’s Flash.

Garrick made an appearance in the first episode and has had a recurring role throughout the series.  Garrick has no speed, but he serves his purpose of being a mentor to Barry, teaching Barry how to create lightning with his speed.  Garrick was all aboard Team Flash until Harrison Wells showed up.

Of course, Harrison Wells is dead… on Earth 1.  He technically never existed, but the characters have a memory of him regardless of that.  Earth 2 Harrison Wells showed up and freaked everyone out, but according to Earth 2 Wells, it’s with the intention of stopping Zoom.  Garrick and Wells seem to have suffered a rift back on Earth 2, making Garrick uncomfortable with working with everyone at STAR Labs.  Garrick seems to have come around a little bit, but he may be right to be a bit apprehensive about Wells.

Zoom has captured Wells’ daughter, and Wells will do almost anything to save her, including betray Barry.  We find out that Zoom is trying to make Barry stronger, so that when he takes Barry’s speed, it will be that much greater when he becomes the most powerful speedster alive.  Wells says he will help Zoom, but will he really, or is there more to this?

Of course, we can’t forget about the backstory of some of the other characters.  Unfortunately, in the process of Barry closing off the initial wormhole created by Eddie Thawne’s suicide, Caitlin Snow’s husband, Ronnie, dies.  He and Dr. Stein teamed up to become Firestorm.  Only Dr. Stein made it out of the wormhole alive.

Dr. Stein’s lack of a partner to combine with has made him unstable, causing him to collapse quite a few times.  It became imperative to find a suitable replacement for Ronnie in the Firestorm makeup.  Thankfully, Jax Jackson was able to smoothly transition as Dr. Stein’s new other half.  Jax was a mechanic that was affected by the particle accelerator’s destruction at STAR Labs.  His power, of course, remained dormant until he could combine with Dr. Stein.


Also, Captain Cold and Barry have been forming quite the relationship.  We’ll remember that Leonard Snart and Barry basically have a working agreement that Barry will stay out of his way so as not to reveal Barry’s true identity as the Flash.  Captain Cold has a few cameos in the Flash, most interestingly in the situation where he teams up with his father to rob a few banks and most recently he’s with the Trickster and Weather Wizard to kill Barry.  Cold seems to have formed a sort of conscience, as he has had some help from Barry to get him out of those sticky situations.

Meanwhile, Cisco is going through quite a bit.  From the end of Season 1 when he and an incarcerated Wells figured out that Cisco was also affected by the destruction of the particle accelerator, to meeting a girl he thought was a regular human being who turned out to be the reincarnation of Hawkgirl, Cisco’s had quite the season.   Cisco is extremely important to the show now, as he has the ability to see different incarnations of people throughout different universes just by touching them.

Hawkgirl becomes more prevalent as Cisco “vibes” Kendra Saunders’ previous incarnation.  It turns out Kendra is a legendary priestess, Chay-Ara, who has the ability to reincarnate when she dies.  Her counterpart, Prince Khufu, known as Carter in his current life, has the same backstory as Hawkman.  Throughout history, they’ve teamed up to destroy Vandal Savage, an immortal who caught the prince and priestess in the same bed.  Throughout history, Vandal Savage has laid waste to societies in order to find new incarnations of Hawkman and Hawkgirl and kill them.  He’s been successful 206 times.

Of course this lead to a crossover with Team Arrow.  Oliver Queen has successfully integrated back in to society in Star City.  After disappearing for six months, Oliver makes his reluctant return to Star City to help out Diggle, Thea, and Laurel take on a new bad guy: Damian Dhark.  Dhark was of minor concern last season, as Rhas Al Ghul described Dhark as his greatest enemy.

Damian Dhark has returned, and is now forming up a group of bad guys to destroy Star City to build anew.  To Dhark, the city is failing, and there’s no other way to deal with this other than to destroy the city.  Oliver disagrees with this to the point where he knew he had to return as someone else… something else.

Oliver is back to his acrobatic ways as the new and improved Green Arrow.  Yep.  Not that old Arrow guy.  The Green Arrow is waaay different.

OK, all kidding aside, Oliver is back, and so is Felicity.  And they’re together.  We know that.  Most of us can’t move past that, but here we are.  Olicity continues to be a thing.

Well hopefully.  We’ll get to that.  Oliver had to work on his relationships with his sister, Laurel, and especially Diggle.  Diggle still wasn’t quite over the fact that Oliver kidnapped his wife and endangered his child all as a means to an end of destroying Rhas Al Ghul.  Eventually, Oliver proves to Diggle he can be trusted again.

Oliver’s tour of getting people to trust him didn’t end there.  He discovered police Captain Lance, Laurel’s father, has been working with Damian Dhark.  Lance claims it was to protect his only remaining daughter and that he didn’t know what he was getting in to.  That was all the leverage Oliver needed to get Lance to trust him.

Speaking of Lance’s “only remaining daughter”, that’s not exactly the case anymore.  Laurel had this excellent idea of plunging her completely dead sister, Sara, into a Lazerus Pit at Nanda Parbat, the home of Rhas al Ghul (remember, that’s a title, not a person) and the League of Assassins.  Malcolm Merlin has taken up the helm as Rhas, and reluctantly agrees to allow Laurel to resurrect her sister in the pit.

Sara makes it out of the pit alive, but she is soulless.  Being dead for as long as she was, her body was able to live, but she was a mindless, killing machine.  With some help from John Constantine, Team Arrow was able to recover Sara’s soul and return the long-dead Lance to full life.  Of course, the Pit leaves you with a burning desire to destroy the one who killed you in the first place, which is bad news for Thea, who unknowingly killed Sara in season 3.  Of course, Thea also has this same problem, except the man who attempted to kill Thea, Rhas al Ghul (the man, not the moving title.  I know.  This is confusing me too) is already dead thanks to Oliver.  Anyways, Sara is alive, and she decided to get away from everything for a while.

Meanwhile, Felicity discovers a transmission from Ray Palmer, who was trapped by his own nano-technology and somehow ends up in the hands of Damian Dhark.  Felicity was reluctant to open the transmission in the first place, but after some goading from new character Curtis Holt, Felicity finally restored the transmission and was able to locate Ray and rescue him with Oliver’s help.

We have so many characters, I don’t know what to do with them.

Wait, I know.  Let’s create another spin-off!

Legends of Tomorrow is a spin-off created from the Vandal Savage storyline.  The Arrow/Flash crossover episodes, Legends of Today and Legends of Yesterday, covers the stories of Hawkgirl and Hawkman and how they reincarnate repeatedly to try and destroy Savage.

If you haven’t watched the series preview yet, I recommend you do.

The story goes that Rip Hunter, a time-traveling Londoner played by Rory Willi… I mean Arthur Darvish, is trying to gather up an elite team of superheroes to destroy Vandal Savage.  This is where Hawkgirl, Captain Cold, Sara Lance, Firestorm, and Ray Palmer come in to play.  Their storylines were developed through Arrow and the Flash to create the Legends of Tomorrow.  Their goal is to team up and travel through time to stop Savage.

But first…

We’ll have to take care of some things before the show’s premiere on Thursday.  I have questions specific to each show:

  1. Will Harrison Wells betray the trust he has built up with Barry in order to save his own daughter?
  2. Will Felicity survive being shot in the limo?
  3. How will Rip Hunter come in to play?  He’s the last character who hasn’t been introduced on Arrow or the Flash yet.

It’s going to be a fun week.  Welcome, Arrowverse fans.

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