Disney Infinity 3.0 – Star Wars: The Force Awakens Playset Review

There’s been an awakening, have you felt it?

Disney Infinity 3.0’s third and final Star Wars playset released to coincide with the box office smash The Force Awakens on Friday. It was held back with good reason, as there are spoilers in the gameplay that would certainly put a damper on the film, if you haven’t seen it. This review keeps those spoilers away, so if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens, it is still okay to read on.

Sat_Dec_19_22-35-49_EST_2015The formula of the previous two playsets, Twilight of the Republic & Rise of the Empire, is the same. The difference here is that it only deals with one movie, but the value still feels the same, if not better.

The Force Awakens is the best playset yet and is the one I enjoyed the most.

The playset comes with Rey and Finn, with additional figures Kylo Ren & Poe Dameron available for purchase separately. Whether you are playing as Rey on Jakku with the iconic Star Destroyer laying in the sand in the distance or Finn running side by side with the story’s heroes, the playset captures the magic and wonder of the movie.

Sat_Dec_19_22-37-44_EST_2015You visit three planets throughout the story’s arc, which is again a loosely based adaptation of the movie, while also featuring time flying in space. The three playsets feature symmetry. I only wish this wasn’t the final playset! Perhaps next year for the inevitable Disney Infinity 4.0, we will get a Rogue One playset. My hope is that Avalanche keeps Star Wars out of the next few Infinity games so that by the time the Han Solo Anthology movie rolls around, that new Infinity game would feature Rogue One, Episode VIII, and the Han Solo movie.

Hey, a gamer can dream.


All of the previously available characters from Twilight of the Republic (prequel trilogy era), Rise of the Empire (original trilogy era), and the Rebels animated series are able to be used in The Force Awakens playset. All you need to do is find the character token for that given figure in-game.



The Force Awakens is a perfect way to cap off an amazing run of Star Wars-related content in Disney Infinity 3.0 this year. For our full review of Disney Infinity 3.0 with a numeric score, as well as our review of Rise of the Empire, keep it locked to The Geekiverse.

+ Voice acting is the best of the three playsets

+ Captures what makes The Force Awakens so much fun

+ Seamlessly continues the Star Wars Disney Infinity saga


Josiah LeRoy is the host of The Geekiverse Show. It’s time to begin speculation for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story & Star Wars: Episode VIII!

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