Getting stabbed in the neck by high heels, getting burned alive but surviving, brainwashing an entire city into voting a villain into office, and asylum escapees running around town wreaking havoc everywhere one turns. All typical occurrences in Gotham.



The past few weeks of Gotham have been one crazy batmobile ride after another, with the departure and introduction of villains, and craziness exuding from all of them.

After Jerome, played by the talented Cameron Monaghan left, it seemed like the show was going to lose momentum, especially after the first few episodes were solely based on his maniacal laugh, and taking charge of the Arkham escapees.

But then we gained Firefly. Bridgit, Selena Kyle’s friend from when they were young, was forced by her brothers to burn down five Wayne Enterprises buildings. After getting fed up by her brothers, she decided to turn the torch on them, and then accidentally lit herself on fire too. It seemed a little too fast of a transition – Bridgit was initially this timid girl who didn’t want to disappoint her brothers, to burning them before she could. The last we see of her character is her allegedly still alive, being wheeled into a facility after being characterized as fireproof. We will see if her storyline comes back to life.

However, there was enough evil to continue the show, mostly by Theo Galavan – using Bruce, and Jim, and Penguin. Keeping his cool, and pretending to be helpful, Galavan is moseying his way into the mayoral seat. The takedown of Theo Galavan will be an incredible feat once it happens. It will be interesting to see how the writers actually write that in. Here’s to hoping Penguin is the one in charge of getting rid of Galavan. Lately, Penguin has been the weakling and letting Galavan run the show. It’s uncharacteristic of the wobbly-legged hothead who doesn’t typically show signs of vulnerability. In comparison, it’s almost as if Penguin was actually a good guy. We couldn’t help but feel horrible about his mother’s untimely death.

Galavan was also a clever addition to his own campaign team when he forced Jim Gordon into endorsing Galavan as a candidate. However, he’s put in an awkward position once he later realizes that he wants to lock up Galavan for killing Penguin’s mom and Jim knows Galavan is causing more harm than good. Penguin’s partnership with Jim seems to be remaining strong.

Speaking of the villains we love going through difficult times in the show, poor Ed Nygma. He finally got the girl, and then accidentally strangled her to death. It was almost too easy. But really, Nygma, don’t tell your girlfriend that you killed her ex.



After the potential Joker left, it is still difficult to see the direction the show is heading in. The past few episodes have redeemed themselves though, and it will be even more interesting to see the continual evolution of Nygma, Penguin, and whoever else we may meet, into even more insane villains.
gotham cover

-Nygma finally got his dream girl since season 1……and she’s gone

+Army of Penguins roaming around

-Still miss Jerome

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Vilona is The Geekiverse’s Co-Gothamite with Josiah LeRoy. Be sure to leave your comments below on your feelings of losing Jerome!


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