Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Review

Hello fellow geeks! Now I can’t be the only one who picked up a copy of Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer can I?! Yeah that’s what I thought!
On September 25th, AC: HHD came out,and I won’t lie: I was skeptical. Why would I play an Animal Crossing game without the bug and fish collecting? Well this game is far different then the Animal Crossing games we’ve come to know and love. If you love the house making part of the Sims and Animal Crossing you’ll love this game.

You are a new employee of the house decorating company called Nook Homes. That’s right, everyone’s favorite raccoon is back and he’s your boss again. This time you are an interior decorator and you are tasked with making customers’ wishes come to life in their houses. You start off customizing your own little in-game character and then jump right into making a house for Lyle’s niece, and fellow employee, Lottie. You are given a theme that you can stick to; her’s is a Lovely Theme and then they give a piece of furniture that they would like you to incorporate into your design. You can customize almost everything (as you progress you unlock more beds, wallpapers, carpets, size of rooms the outside of the house, and even refurbishment), but that is just a little bit of what you can do. As you progress, your dumpy little town wants to update and a certain secretary seeks your help. You can make a school, a hospital, a hotel and even a concert hall.  As your popularity grows, so does the list of clients. Now don’t worry; as you unlock more things you can always go back to your structures and buildings you’ve made and upgrade them with the help of Digby.

Another interesting thing Nintendo created were amiibo cards for HHD. The amiibo cards are small collectibls almost like Pokemon cards that has a villager on it that you can then bring into your town. You can do this by tapping the card on the NFC reader on the 3DS (if you have the older 3DS model, you can buy a portable NFC reader too).  If you wish to get all the special characters in your town, such as K.K, Isabelle, and Sable, then you’ll have to buy the cards. I hate that they did this, but I still went out and bought the card packs. (the cost is $5.99 and you get 5 in one pack with one special foil card). The cards are blind packs, so you will get copies. (I got an entire pack of copies -_-), but the good news is that the amiibo cards are not one time use cards, you can use one card on multiple systems, which is awesome. The bad news is that you might get a villager card that you already made a house for… which I find very stupid and a waste. Why make them a card when you can get them in the game? Nintendo has said that they will be making 3 series of cards for HHD and currently they only have series 1 out (I think Series 1 contains 100 cards).

They have a couple of new features in-game and one of them is the Happy Home Network, which allows you to post pictures of your completed houses on the internet for other Home Designers to look at and rate. It’s a nice feature, and you can even visit that particular home. Another feature is there’s a handbook you can study each day that unlocks more items for your house designing and costs a play coin. I highly suggest unlocking all the features in the handbook before progressing because you’ll want to go back after you’ve done so.

I love HHD, I really do.  It was a game I didn’t think I needed, but, alas, making 20 houses gets old fast. I completed my town and now I’m waiting for more things to do. I’m not sure if they are going to update the game with more add-ons or what but I’m almost burnt out from making homes and really that’s all you’re doing.

My Final Score for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer is 8.0. I really enjoyed designing homes but after building your town there’s really nothing left to do.

Final Score 8.0/10

+Designing your own town and houses

-Having to buy Amiibo cards

-Not having anything to do after building your town


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