What We Thought Of The Star Wars: Battlefront Beta

The highly anticipated Star Wars: Battlefront beta has come and gone and we loved every minute of our brief time in a galaxy far, far away…

Andrew and Josiah share their thoughts below. Star Wars: Battlefront is available November 17 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Andrew Garvey: Playing the Star Wars Battlefront beta last weekend was a totally surreal experience. Dropping into my first battle, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was there! I was on Hoth! I was battling Stormtroopers! Even though it had a few problems, the beta was good enough to make me even more excited for the drop of the game this November.

The Star Wars series has always been known for its amazing sound and visual effects. Battlefront keeps that standard for excellence going with the most recent game. Who wasn’t blown away when the first gameplay trailer was revealed? When I see trailers like that, it’s always hard for me to believe something playable could look that good. Well, they weren’t lyin’. The game is gorgeous, and the sound is equally impressive. I underestimated how much the right sound effects can enhance gaming immersion, and something as simple as the familiar sound of the blasters sucked me right in. From the gameplay modes I was able to sample, I can say the action is extremely fast-paced and fun.

Being a beta, this Battlefront experience was not without its flaws, and I’m hoping these are only because it’s a beta. First, many players (myself included) were experiencing a lot of stuttering while running. Upon respawning, I would start sprinting towards a capture point, and I would take what felt like 2 steps forward only to have the game “correct” me and move me back three steps. This only happened when I was sprinting, but it was very jarring and extremely frustrating—especially when this stuttering prevented me from outrunning enemy fire! Another complaint that many people had was the perceived imbalance on the Hoth map. I say perceived imbalance because part of me thinks the imbalance needs to be there because the Rebels were overrun during the movie battle, but the gamer in me thinks that fighting a losing battle is very rarely fun. DICE has listened to the fans, and they have admitted the imbalance, and they’ve said they plan on tweaking things before the final release.

I normally stay away from game betas because of the problems the mostly have. I’m frequently frustrated by technical issues, and I find myself disliking the game a little because of these frustrations. Even though the Star Wars Battlefront did have some issues, I’ve never been this excited for a game after playing its beta. At the risk of sounding cliché, the force is strong with this game.

Josiah LeRoy: Imagine the best Battlefield (or Call of Duty) yet, but it’s Star Wars themed.

I absolutely loved the beta, as DICE really seems to understand Star Wars and what fans want from this long, long awaited game. It was fun playing Drop Zone on Sullust, where you have to defend a pod from enemy forces. Watching the original trailer for the game provided outstanding visuals unparalleled by nearly any game we’ve ever seen. I am happy to say that those visuals carried over to the actual gameplay, which is no small feat.

The star of the beta was the Walker Assault on Hoth, where you relive the iconic Battle of Hoth between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. I landed on the Empire’s side, playing as a Stormtrooper while trying to break down the barriers to the Rebel base. At certain moments throughout, I ran into either Luke Skywalker (in his Return of the Jedi clothing) or Darth Vader. If you played the original Battlefront games, you’ll remember that a killstreak was rewarded by gaining the ability to play as a major hero or villain. I’m happy to say this carries over to the upcoming Battlefront, with Vader, Luke, and Boba Fett confirmed thus far.

The mechanics were phenomenal. Shooting was precise and tight. Remember that thing I said about Battlefield? Well add a layer of polish to that. The sounds of the weapons are ripped directly from Skywalker Sound, helping to provide an insanely authentic experience.

I ran into no issues while playing, though I played towards the end of the Beta. I was so thrilled with the Beta, I feel like I could pull the ears off a Gundark!


The Geekiverse played the Battlefront beta on the Playstation 4.

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