“You will be a curse upon Gotham. Children will wake from sleep screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.”



Season 2 Episode 3 presents the GCPD in a Jerome-finding frenzy, as if the two previous episodes weren’t enough to find the crazed murderer. However, episode two offers the motivator, which was Jerome killing the Commissioner. Jim Gordon is as aggressive as ever and is determined to find Jerome, and his main accomplice, Barbara.

As Jerome is still on the loose and still very dangerous, Gordon and Harvey Bullock decide it would be smart to talk to Jerome’s fortune teller dad, Cicero, whom we met in season one.

Of course, Jerome doesn’t spare anyone who is not part of his plan, and ends up killing his own father, but not before Cicero threatens that Jerome will leave behind a horrible legacy. But, as crazy as Jerome is, his craziness is directly proportional to how smart he is; Jerome kills his father, and puts Cicero’s hand over knockout gas, knowing that Gordon and Bullock would show up. Like clockwork, the detectives end up exactly where Cicero is laying dead, lift up his hand, and get gassed.

Flash forward to the event that Lee, Alfred, and Bruce are attending to benefit the Children’s Hospital. The amount of times that the characters say the main attraction is a magic show is a hit-on-the-head clue that Jerome was going to have something to do with it. Of course, Barbara and Jerome are the main attractions, and turn their magic show into a killing spree.

During Jerome’s magic act, he target Bruce and wants to kill him. This is an odd choice because nowhere else in the episode or prior season did Jerome ever have it out for Bruce or have any sort of contact with Bruce. It would have made more sense if he wanted to target Gordon, or really, anyone else that isn’t Bruce. In any case, baby Batman survives, Barbara affixes Lee to a spinning wheel of knife throwing, and then nonchalantly escapes through a convenient trap door built on the stage.

There’s always one instigator and antagonist, and believe it or not, it wasn’t Jerome in this episode. Theo Gallivan is the best villain in this episode, because no one thought he was a villain. He uses Jerome as a publicity stunt, and kills Jerome while he is in the process of slitting Brucey’s throat. Alfred shows deep gratitude for Gallivan for saving Bruce, but no one knows what’s coming, now that he has all his power back.

Or, so he thought. The giant mob of boys turning evil with their maniacal laughs might give him a run for his money.




The Jerome story line is too good to be true. Just when we thought we would have a consistent storyline that would last the entire season, we lose the main person of the saga. But why was it so easy to get rid of Jerome? Jerome murders so many people in intricate ways, and then he awkwardly gets stabbed in the neck? Kind of melodramatic. Who knew at the end of this episode we wouldn’t have Cameron Monaghan’s amazing interpretation of the would-be Joker anymore. Such a shame. However, the Gotham writers have been good at throwing in twists, so maybe his character will resurrect. In the meantime, we have a plethora of even creepier Jokers sprouting, as Cicero’s fortune-telling foreshadowed.

+The Joker mob apocalypse is as creepy and incredible as anything.

-Why is Barbara such a hussy? Theo and his sister? Come on, Babs.

-I miss Cameron Monaghan already.

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