The title is no misnomer – rise of the villains is exactly what you get. In episode two, “Knock Knock,” it is the rise of the villains rising to the top of a high rise building and throwing people off of it.



As bodies were plummeting to the pavement from many stories above, the maniacal Jerome and his Arkham escapees spray painted unknown letters on to the innocent people they were throwing. Over the ledge, it was evident that they were thrown to spell “Maniax!” the name of their squad.

Meanwhile, the GCPD has haphazardly tried finding the perpetrators, and the Maniax’ next great idea was to kidnap a bus full of cheerleaders, dump lighter fluid all over them, and try to light them on fire.

Harvey Bullock, who was itching to get back into the GCPD despite his girlfriend’s lack of support, helped give Gordon a lead about how the Maniax were running their killings, and Gordon was able to arrive at the scene as Jerome’s lighter conveniently wasn’t working, and was able to free them. (It also seemed like a good idea in order to keep the show in its 8 pm time slot).

There is the evident dichotomy between the Maniax to the outside civilians, and the Maniax amongst themselves. Even though they’re their own group, they’re each in it for their own benefits, or lack thereof. By the end of the episode, half the Maniax were dead, and it seems like it will end up being a one-man-show at the end of this string of events. Jerome is clearly the shot caller of the group, and even won a game of Russian roulette against one of his own.


Barbara plays her part in adding chaos to the scenario also, and as the chaos of finding the Maniax ensued, she lured Jim out of the GCPD office and gets him beat up. During that time where Jim was naïve enough to think he would have a decent conversation with Barbara, Jerome massacres everyone inside the GCPD, including the Commissioner.


On the other end of the cave, Alfred destroyed the computer which held Wayne Enterprise secrets which Bruce wanted to use to reveal the corruption that his parents’ company fell victim to. Bruce fired Alfred, but then later forgave him. Lucius, although a small character from last season, seems like he will be a larger player in this season. Lucius, who is CEO and President of Wayne Enterprises is threatened by Alfred, and Alfred makes sure Lucius knows that he better be trustworthy.

Overall, this episode was the most intense episode thus far and really lit the spark for the craziness and excitement for the rest of the season.

It is good to see familiar characters back such as Leslie, Ms. Kringle, Ed Nygma, and Bullock, but it is also good to see new faces and to see how different this season is compared to last season.

There is the lack of presence of the mob, and the story line is continuous.

Episode two ended on a creepy and antagonizing note, as Jerome left a video showing the dead Commissioner and ensured that the GCPD knows that the madness will keep going.

As the Commissioner was dying, she told Jim, “this is a new day in Gotham,” and he has to step up to deal with the other messes Jerome will make.




The writers on this show are seriously twisted, but we’re loving every minute of it.

-It’s sad to see the Commissioner gone, she seemed like one of the only grounded people in Gotham

-Barbara needs to chill

+Jim’s hair was still on point after getting beat up by Barbara’s friend


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Contributor: Cailyn McLennan

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