GOTHAM SEASON 2 Premiere: Rise of the Villains – DAMNED IF YOU DO REVIEW

Finally, after a painful 4-month pause in action, Gotham has reclaimed its spot on our TV screens and we can all rejoice again.



This past Monday, the mischievous characters who wreck havoc on Gotham city came together again for season two, inevitably called “Rise of the Villains.”

This first episode, “Damned If You Do,” reintroduced and recapped the season finale from season one from back in May, right as Bruce is trying to make his way into the bat cave, and set up the scenes for what’s to come in the future.

The first opening scenes show life in Gotham, post-Maroni and Falcone’s mob warfare. Harvey Bullock is now working at a bar, Jim Gordon is now a traffic control cop, Ed Nygma’s split personality has gotten worse, and the dystopia has been furthered.

As we see Jim Gordon, we can’t help but feel bad for the current position he is in. Gordon revisits Bruce, showing us that his mission from the very beginning of Gotham was to find out who killed Bruce’s parents. However, Jim being in his futile position apologized to Bruce that he had to fall back on his promise. The talk with Bruce solidified Jim’s need to reclaim his position as detective, though, and he got the boost he needed to get back to solving the Wayne murders.

Later on in the episode, we are reintroduced to Gordon with a refreshing and surreptitious twist, when he finally cashed in that favor from Penguin, bringing down one of the most evil villains from last season, Loeb. Former Jim wouldn’t think to use the evil powers of his surroundings to his benefit, but seasoned Jim went immediately to Penguin knowing that he had to take Loeb down once and for all. The deal between Penguin and Jim was that if Jim got Penguin’s money back which was robbed from him from a different mobster, then Penguin would get rid of Loeb so Jim could have his job back. After a few follies in his plan, Penguin didn’t kill Loeb, but instead threatened for him to retire.

At Loeb’s retirement party, we are introduced to new villains too. We finally see the identity of the man who gave the powers to the smoke-breathing giant that knocks people out when he takes a breath – Theo Gallivan. As of tradition, the villains who can cause the most damage are of higher power. Gallivan is not only the Chairman of Development at Gotham Chamber of Commerce, but is also the leader of what appears to be a suicide squad, which he is forming from his Arkham escapees. His smoke-breathing confidant aided him in the escape, and as the inmates in Arkham were knocked out, he was able to break out Barbara, Jerome, and several others.

Oh yes, did we mention Barbara and Jerome are in Arkham now for the murder of their parents? There appears to be a friendship blossoming, too. Cue Harley Quinn and Joker?

Evil Arkham Barbara is the more appealing version compared to Jim Gordon’s fiancé. She seems more in her element, and has her new friend posse in the asylum. She appears to be to Arkham what Fish Mooney was to the underground basement from season one. She’s still all sorts of crazy though, and leaves a message for Jim’s current lover, Leslie, on her answering machine threatening her to death.

Near the end of the episode, after all the struggling to figure out the password to get into the bat cave, Bruce and Alfred finally caused an explosion with fertilizer to break into it. Of course the password was BRUCE the whole time. Really? After all those options, Bruce wouldn’t try his own name?

Nonetheless, Bruce finds a letter from his father warning him to decide between happiness and truth. It is evident that Bruce chooses truth, and we see Jim making the same self-discovery concurrently. Their passions and missions are solidified.



This episode could have gone in many directions after season one’s finale. The audience was given a good mix of the characters, but also an open-ended storyline for many options in the future. It is immediately evident that this coming season of Gotham will be intriguing and may even top season one.


+Fish Mooney isn’t in this season?

+Ed Nygma’s character is going to be even more awesome this season

-How is everything in the bat cave perfectly intact after the explosion?

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