The Friday Five – Back to School Edition

Hey there, fivers, how was your week? Parents be all like “woot woot”, kids be all like “boo hoo”. (I fall into the latter category, not the former). Here’s a few things that crossed by desktop this week.

1. Super Heroes, Super Crash? – This week, both uber movie producer Steven Spielberg and Zack Snyder, architect of the DC movieverse have suggested that the current boom in super hero flix will eventually go bust. It’s possible, of course, but even when the icons prophesize the end of days for the MCU, I might put my fingers in my ears and say “lalalalalalalalala”.  Marvel has hit a series of homeruns, Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy is epic stuff and the small screen super dudes and girls are mostly all winners too.  Superhero stock has never been higher. As a matter of fact, Sly Stallone blames the super hero genre for the death of the action film. I’m thinking that the death of the action film could be because action heroes are all aging, some gracefully, some not so much. Could the bottom fall out of the Marvel and DC live action universes? And what happens to our beloved heroes if it does? Can they collect unemployment?


2. To The Spidey Mobile? – Um, huh? NOOOOO!!!!! Not every super dude needs a hero mobile. Spidey fights crime by swinging around and shooting webs, not by driving to crime scenes. It’s a bitch finding parking in Manhattan and the baddies will get away. Leave the vehicles and gadgets to Bruce Wayne.

3. SKYNET meets……. North Dakota? – OK, this is actually a true story. I kid you not. A bill passed in the Roughrider State allows for police drones to be armed, so long as the weapons are non-lethal. I know I feel much better if the drones are flying around with pepper spray and tasers. Didn’t Ultron start out with the best of intentions? (I’m not sure this bill has the best of intentions) Someone actually thinks this is a good idea. And I’m sure nothing can go wrong here.

flying armed drone

4. Star Wars, Post-Credit Scene? – No, no, no, no, no absolutely not, post credit scenes don’t belong in any other movies. Come on now, this is Marvel schtick. Let’s leave it where it belongs. Will Disney start to use the same tricks in all their movies. I don’t want to see post credit scene in “The Little Mermaid Episode 9 – The Crustaceans Fight Back”

5.  Two Hawks Are Better’n OneHave you seen the costumes for Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the CW’s upcoming DC spinoff “Legends of Tomorrow”. I’m digging them. Have a look.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Have a great week, fivers. We’ll see you in 6, since this came out on Saturday. I guess that makes it the Friday +1 Five.

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