Lando #1 Review

This no-good scoundrel finally gets some love with his own title series.


Lando Calrissian is one of Star Wars’ most popular characters. You can loop him in with Boba Fett and Darth Maul when it comes to characters we want to see more of. Fans hold out hope that even though Billy Dee Williams won’t appear in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (or so we’re told), he might come back for Episode VIII.

Lando gets his own comic book series thanks to Marvel. I couldn’t have been more thrilled upon hearing this news originally.

The time frame is during the Empire’s heyday. Lando is best friends with Lobot, the bald-headed, implant-laden man from Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back. The two are trying to settle a score to get out of debt. Being the smooth talking bachelor that he is, Lando is attempting to steal an artifact from one of the Empire’s Governors, Grand Moff Ssaria. Gorgeous and clearly powerful, Ssaria is on to Lando’s intentions. In the end, everyone’s favorite scoundrel gets his piece.

This, of course, doesn’t settle the debt and introduces a new adventure for “brothers” Lando and Lobot. See some parallels between Han Solo and Lando at this point? One thing I was looking for was the Millenium Falcon, though Lando and Lobot are shown flying a different spacecraft all together.

The story does a good job of depicting just how close Lando and Lobot are. It establishes their Han/Chewbacca-like relationship. Go watch Empire after reading this. You’ll appreciate Lobot even more. We are introduced to characters and creatures that we’ve never seen before. Some look like they crossed dimensions from the Harry Potter universe. Others are familiar, such as Korin the Uggnaut (you know, the little pig people from Cloud City). Perhaps my favorite character throw-back is Mas Amedda, now deemed “Lord Amedda.” He was Chancellor Palpatine’s right hand man during the waning days of the Republic.

I enjoy the tone with regards to artwork. Some of Lando’s facial expressions are animated exactly as they appear in Empire. Paul Mounts’ coloring mixed with Alex Maleev’s artistry blend for an 80’s theme. Expect a lot of neon and shading. It’s truly unique and it captures the essence of what I would expect from a Lando comic book.



Lando #1 is setting the bar for an exciting adventure-to-be. He is finally getting the back story Star Wars fans have wanted for decades.

Lando 1
Lando #1: Lando (Part 1)

+ Neon, 80’s-like artwork matches Lando Calrissian’s tone and is a joy to view.

+ Lando-Lobot relationship.

+ Lord Amedda introduction.

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