Kanan: The Last Padawan #3 Review

The secret history of Star Wars Rebels’ Kanan continues on.


Chapter 3, “Pivot,” begins in space, as Kanan is being chased down by the newly minted “Imperials.” It appears Darth Vader isn’t the only young hotshot pilot in the galaxy.

Kanan struggles throughout this particular comic with conflicted feelings and thoughts over his past life as a member of the Jedi Order and his current life in transition. Kanan is bothered by the very fact that becoming a thief isn’t getting on his conscience, that he was once apart of a prestigious order.

The struggle in Kanan’s mind is a highlight of the story. His transitional appearance is brought to life through solid illustration that really captures the essence of the era of the Galactic Empire’s earliest moments.

In addition, the story line is reminiscent of the animated show from which the comic stems – Rebels. Janus Kasmir fits right in with characters from the show like Ezra or Zeb.



Kanan’s transition out of the Clone Wars and into life on the run is intriguing and fun to follow.

kanan 3 cover
Kanan: The Last Padawan #3 – Pivot

+ Kanan’s inner conflict.

+ Reference to Imperials defines the era.

+ Character interaction displays the notion that the writers truly understand the characters and their dynamic.

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