The Friday Five – Labor Day Weekend Edition

Happy Labor Day Weekend one and all. I hope you all have some great traditions to celebrate the end of summer 2015. This week’s theme is, of course, work and labor. Here we go.

1. Back to School – What’s more work than going back to school? Looking at everyone’s crazy mom’s first day of school pics? Naw, that’s actually kind of fun. Everyone looking all awkward in their new clothes with their new Avengers back pack. Hey, I want one of those. Actually,w hat I want si someone to pay for all my back to school clothes. Kickstarter, anyone? Well, the coolest of the back to school stuff was, by far, when JK Rowlings tweeted best of luck to James S. Potter on his first day at Hogwarts. My creator never tweets about my first day of school every year, although, in her defense, mom don’t tweet.

2. Nothing’s More Work Than Being A Jedi – And now you can see it first hand because they outfitted a Jedi with a GoPro. I kid you not.

3. Bill Murray Getting Back to Work – Original Ghostbuster, Bill Murray confirmed to Rolling Stone that he has filmed a cameo for the upcoming all female reboot. He has also hinted that it isn’t a reprise of his original role, Dr. Peter Venkman, and I’m all like…whaaaaaaaat? Listen to me. I’ll say it slowly…… If….he…isn’t….Venkman…. there…. is… no… reason…. for… him…. to…. be… there. There are so many ways to have the old Ghostbusters turn over the reigns. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? It’s like having William Shatner show up in a Star Trek reboot and not lay Kirk. Or Kermit the Frog show up in the new Muppet Show and play…well….not Kermit the Frog. C’mon now. This is a travesty.

4. Bourne to Be Filming More Movies – Yep. Not only is there a fifth Bourne in the hopper, but it started filming on August 31, a few short days ago. Not only will B5 feature Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, who took B4 off, but it will be directed by Paul Greengrass, who directed numbers 2 and 3. Damon teased the storyline a bit, saying it would take place in a post Edward Snowden world. Yeah, we’re all starring in that world.

5. Diggle’s New Threads – Remember when John was against costumes. He should have stayed there. It’ll be a lot of work getting his street cred back wearing the suit Boba Fett rejected.


Happy Labor Day Weekend, fivers. See you next Friday.

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