Fall 2015 Preview – The Geekiverse’s Most Anticipated Games

We hope you’ve saved every last dime!

As we did last year, The Geekiverse Writers got together to pick their Top 5 Most Anticipated video games of the coming fall season. As always, it’s a jam packed release window, with loads of Triple A titles ready to make their mark.

Despite sub-par performances last year, NHL, Destiny, and Assassin’s Creed make the cut again this year, Call of Duty hasn’t reached its fatigue point yet, and there’s two little titles that go by “Star Wars: Battlefront” and “Fallout 4” that everyone seems excited about.

Of our most anticipated titles from 2014, the average review score was 8.4, so it seems that our excitement was justified. Madden NFL 16 and Disney Infinity 3.0 kicked off the most wonderful time of the year. Check out our picks below and be sure to let us know what your list looks like.


Josiah LeRoy

5. Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – PS4
Release Date: 10/9

The Uncharted series represents a good chunk of gaming nirvana in my memory. I blitzed through 1 & 2 just before 3 came out and I can’t think of a better way to sink some time into my PS4 before A Thieve’s End comes out next March.

4. Fallout 4 – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/10

Along with Sam, I too have never played a second of a Fallout game. Now is the time for both of us (and numerous friends of mine in a similar boat) to jump in and let a legendary series take over our gaming nights. If you purchase for Xbox One, it will come with a digital version of Fallout 3 too. Sign me up!

3. Rise of the Tomb Raider – Xbox One
Release Date: 11/10

I thoroughly enjoyed 2013’s reboot from Crystal Dynamics. A game that inspired Uncharted, I loved jumping cliff to cliff and solving puzzles in front of a gorgeous backdrop. The new-gen version promises to be even greater.

2. Rock Band 4 – Xbox One/PS4
Release Date: 10/6

If you told me a few years back that this fall would produce a Rock Band, a Guitar Hero, and a Battlefront (and a Tony Hawk), I would have been dreaming pretty. That dream is a reality in 2015 as Rock Band 4 is coming back and not a moment too soon! I am incredibly stoked to sink hours upon hours into this entry for years to come and it helps that all my DLC over the years is making the trek to new-gen systems. The band is getting back together, get your Red Bull and your M&Ms!

1. Star Wars: Battlefront – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/17

As a lifelong Star Wars fan, no other game shall take my number one spot in the most anticipated game of the year. I loved the two Battlefront games for the Xbox/PS2 and this is LONG overdue. Thank you EA for making my dreams come true. Though I am disappointed with the lack of a campaign/story, I will have more than enough to do. The Force Awakens DLC will enhance the experience.

Josiah’s 2014 Top 5: 1.NHL 15, 2.Destiny, 3.Halo: The MCC, 4.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, 5.Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Andrew Garvey

5.Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain  – Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Release Date: 9/1

Thankfully this is a fall game that we don’t have to wait long for! At the time of writing, The Phantom Pain will be released in less than 24 hours. So far both IGN and GameSpot have given the game a perfect score. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hideout Kojima wraps up the Snake saga.

4. Star Wars: Battlefront – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/17

The first trailer for this game was enough to sell me. Battlefront looks absolutely amazing. Playing as classic characters, fighting in epic battles, reliving memories from the films–this is one game all Star Wars fans should be clamoring for. Check out our impressions here.

3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Release Date: 11/6

For me (and many fans) COD is all about the online multiplayer experience. For the third iteration in the Black Ops series, we will see if Treyarch can keep the excellence coming. Black Ops 1 and 2 stand out as my favorite COD games, so I will be hoping BO3 doesn’t just consist of a Carbon copy of Advanced Warfare’s Exo Suit mechanics.

2. Fallout 4 – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/10  

This one is probably on a lot of people’s game of the year watchlist. With Bethesda’s usual flair for storytelling and an improved shooting mechanic, Fallout 4 stands to improve upon its great predecessors. I’m also interested in seeing how the settlement building pans out.

1. NHL 16 – Xbox One/PS4 & Destiny: The Taken King – Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3
Release Date: 9/15 

NHL 15 and the original Destiny were both on my most anticipated Fall games list last year, and both of them were big time failures in my opinion. NHL 15 was stripped of some of the features that made the series great, and Destiny was a story-less exercise in marathon grinding. The sequels and updates coming out this fall seek to address the issues many people had with these two games. Hopefully they deliver! Check out our preview here.

Andrew’s 2014 Top 5: 1.Destiny, 2.The Evil Within, 3.Bayonetta 2, 4.Grand Theft Auto V, 5.NHL 15

Chris Austin

5. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate  – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 10/23

I love the Assassin’s Creed saga, however like so many others, Unity really left a bad taste in my mouth. But as always, Ubisoft comes up with an amazing time in history to play through to drag me back in. Syndicate gets number 5 because it is the only one I will not be preordering –  I’m gonna wait and see how the launch goes.

4. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 – Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3
Release Date: 9/29

The game of my childhood is back and I couldn’t be more excited. I spent many an hour playing THPS and jamming to the always amazing soundtrack. I am excited to see them get back to what made the franchise great and can’t wait to play the throwback levels.

3. NHL 16 – Xbox One/PS4
Release Date: 9/15

Out of all the sports games of 2015, I can say unquestionably that NHL got the least amount of playing time by a long shot. A lot of that had to do with the lack of EASHL, which is back this year. It is what I am most excited for. I really hope that NHL 16 can reignite my love for the game, which is why it rates 3rd on my list.

2. FIFA 16  – Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3/PC/iOS
Release Date: 9/22

Always my sports game of the year and from what I have seen from the trailers and blogs, I don’t know if this year will be any different. The improvements in midfield control, harder passing and the new “No Touch Dribbling” feature is going to add to the realism that FIFA 15 started with the improved and unique stadium atmosphere and take it to the next level.

1. Star Wars Battlefront – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/17

Come on, as if there was a question about number 1. It has been 10 years since the last console-bound Battlefront game came out and the first one, of course, for the next gen consoles. Everything that has been released about the game looks phenomenal, the only downside appears to be the lack of battles in space. Regardless, this is going be one of the most anticipated games coming out especially with the release of episode VII coming out afterwards. You better believe I’ll have this game in my hands as soon as humanly possible.

Samantha Sarvis

5. Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer – 3DS
Release Date: 9/25

Animal Crossing meets Sims in this weird collision of a game. You are hired by Tom Nook to make and design houses for his patrons. You not only design the inside of the home but the outside as well and you match it to the patron’s exact desires. I wasn’t too sure about this game when it was first announced but watching the game play has me sold on it.

4. Tales of Zestiria – PS4
Release Date: 10/16

It’s a Tales game – I can’t not buy it, I’m too big a fan of this series and I’m interested to see how the graphics will look on the PS4.

3. Rise of the Tomb Raider –  Xbox One
Release Date: 11/10

I loved the reboot they made in 2013 and I’ll patiently wait for it to come out on PlayStation.

2. Star Wars: Battlefront – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/17

I’m a huge Star Wars fan and this game couldn’t be coming out at a more appropriate time. I’m not very fond of FPS’s but this game has captured my attention and my imagination. I can’t wait to see what this game offers.

1. Fallout 4 – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/10

I have a confession…I’ve never played a Fallout game, so I’m very excited about sinking my teeth into the fourth installment of this series.

Sam’s 2014 Top 5: 1.Super Smash Bros, 2.Hyrule Warriors, 3.Dragon Age: Inquisition, 4.Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, 5.Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby

Jeff Pawlak

5. Star Wars: Battlefront – Xbox One/PS4/PC
Release Date: 11/17

It’s impossible not to get wrapped up in the Star Wars hype that’s sweeping the globe. It’s been 10 years since we last went to war with our favorite Star Wars characters in a Battlefront, and we’ve never been able to do so with the power that HD consoles and current PC-tech allows. The sheer scale of these battles is going to be unlike anything a previous Star Wars game has offered, and the strides in online match-making are going to let us team up (or go head-to-head) with other fans all around the world easier than ever. Go Rebel Alliance!

4. The Legend of Legacy – 3DS
Release Date: TBD

Joining the already-hearty group of great JRPGs on the 3DS, The Legend of Legacy brings one of the most beautiful art directions on any handheld in the industry. With vivid environments that are almost entirely hand-drawn, and often employ an interesting pop-up mechanic as your character roams, this game just plain looks gorgeous. But it’s not just eye-candy; previews of the Japanese release earlier this year praised a very challenging battle system, and a story mode that offered nonlinear progression.

3. Fatal Frame: The Black Water Maiden – Wii U
Release Date: TBD October

You have to play a scary game this time of year, and the fifth entry in the terrifying Fatal Frame series is surely going to spook everyone who takes hold of the Wii U Gamepad in October. Given that your primary item in these games is a ghostly camera that captures the evil spirits who stalk you, the Gamepad seems like it’s going to be the ideal controller given its additional screen and gyro sensor. The Black Water Maiden’s arrival is especially exciting because the last Fatal Frame title—a Wii exclusive—was never released outside of Japan, meaning that it’s been 10 years since the series last made it to American shores.

2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3/PC
Release Date: 9/1

It’s amazing to think that the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been going for 28 year strong, now. This legendary franchise is celebrating big with a game that finally sheds light on the bloody past of one of its key characters, Big Boss. Phantom Pain is also taking full advantage of the strides that console tech has made in the last few years with huge levels to sneak through, and what looks to be some of the wildest action in a series that is renowned for incredible battles.


1. Xenoblade Chronicles X –  Wii U
Release Date: 12/4

If you’re counting the size of the in-game world, Xenoblade Chronicles X will easily be Nintendo’s biggest title ever. Developer Monolith Soft made a gigantic and gorgeous game on the original Wii with the first Xenoblade Chronicles; it’s unspeakably exciting to think of what they’re going to accomplish with the HD tech of the Wii U. Like its predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles X looks to perfectly blend magic, nature, technology, and science in a massive sci-fi/fantasy adventure with an overwhelmingly-deep combat system. Said combat system also gives you to the option to battle with a Gundam-like mech. Heck yeah.

Honorable mentions: Guitar Hero: Live, Halo 5: Guardians

Check out our 2014 fall preview to see if our hype was worth it!

Share your own list in the comments below or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@the_geekiverse).


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