The Friday Five – Who Ya Gonna Call? Ozzy Osbourne?

Welcome back, Fivers. A whole host of interesting things going on this week. Some of them actually on Planet Earth.

1. Speeder Bikes for Tykes – Where was this bad boy when I was still trying to decide whether I should support my child in his desire to by a fireman, or a rebel fighter? Turns out he went in neither direction. Best part of the rocking speeder bike? The plans are available online. What are you waiting for. Get building. Your little Jedi could be this adorable too.

Rocking Speeder Bike

2. New Series .. The Office for…..Superheroes? – Um, huh? I was one of only 11 people on the planet that never really liked the Office. I tried, but I never got into it. Well, rumor on the streets is that DC and NBC are pairing up on a sitcom called “Powerless”, set in an insurance office where the characters, all unpowered mere mortals, spend their days processing insurance claims based on losses caused by superheroes. I gotta tell you, the premise is fun. The only problem with it? It’s on NBC. That probably means there is little hope for it in the initial run, but the reboot 4-5 years down the line has a fighting chance. (Did I really just say that out loud?)

3. “I’m the keymaster.” … “I am the gatekeeper” … “I bite the heads off chickens” – Um, huh? The Boston Herald, at the bottom of an article that starts with a picture of the cast of the new Ghostbusters visiting a sick kid in the hospital (which is awesome, BTdubs) subtly drops the hint that Ozzy Osbourne, or what’s left of him, may be making a cameo appearance as himself, in the upcoming reboot of “Ghostbusters”. I am looking forward to the film, personally, but I think the directors and producers need to work hard on making sure Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis, and Annie Potts are all there to hand the keys to ambulance over to the new cast. OK, so maybe I went overboard. I didn’t ask for a CGI ghost of Harold Ramos…..WHOA……NOW THAT’S AN IDEA. Who’m I gonna call? The IMDB page for the new film lists Aykroyd as rumored, and Murray. That’s something right?


4. Breaking: Disney Finds Another Way to Make Big Money on the Back of Star Wars – Well, if you are going to pay $4.08 billion for a property, you may as well take as full advantage as you can of it’s ability to make money fall out of the sky. Disney CEO Bob Iger announced at D23 Expo, the everything Disney Convention(and let’s face it, where doesn’t Disney have it’s fat little white gloved fingers these days?) that the two flagship theme parks would be seeing large, like 14 acres large, Star Wars themed lands. OK, as a humble scenic designer, I may quit my day job to work on that project for free. There’s some cool concept art in the article linked above. If it were me, I’d be dropping one of those crashed star cruisers in there…..wait, wait, wait….AND MAKE IT INTO A CRASHED STAR CRUISER HOTEL huh? huh? AMIRITE????……. You’re welcome, Mickey. Another thing I learned reading the article? This project will take time. Well, there goes the whole Disney magic thing. In the meantime they will be making some Star Wars themed upgrades to the existing parks. Including….wait for it…..upgrades to the Jedi Academy. There’s a freaking Jedi Academy????????? Why was I not informed of this.

5. It’s Mars Week – Mars passed into my universe a bunch this week. I love Mars. I once painted it in art class on the paper that they put in the bottom of pizza boxes. First and foremost I learned that there is a Mars Society and that they have an annual convention, AND it just happened this year. At that event celebrating Little Red, there was a debate between the founder of the Mars One project, who wants to colonize Mars, and a couple of MIT grads who say “Ain’t gonna happen.” Why, you ask? According to MIT guys,¬†Sydney Do and Andrew Owens, quite simply because the technology doesn’t exist because of distance. Can’t grow anything on Mars, and no good way to extract water from the planet either. Those are a couple of important ingredients for, you know, life. Plus, the distance is just too prohibitive for the intragalactic pizza delivery, or even delivery of the spare parts for the machines that keep them breathing and stuff. (Also a must-have for a happy, or even an unhappy life) Here’s my suggestion. Put the people in isolation in Arizona and see if they can do it. It’s kind of the same thing. The Mars One project is apparently broke, as well, and a lack of cash doesn’t bode well for an onschedule lift off.

The second Mars thing worth noting this week is that the Curiosity Rover, currently the only resident of planet Mars, just snapped a selfie and sent it home. That officially gets a “How cools is that?”

All of this is a nice, an probably inadvertent, lead up to the upcoming Matt Damon film “The Martian” that releases on October 2. I was skeptical. I thought it was just going to be a remake of Tom Hanks and his volleyball from “Castaway”. This recently released trailer for “The Martian” shows that it looks pretty freaking awesome. Hopefully, they aren’t showing all the good parts in the trailer. Like they did in the Fantastic Four (Have a look at my review).

I wonder if Curiosity used a selfie stick, and if yes, how much did that bad boy cost?

Mars Curiosity rover tests soil scooping system

That’s all for this week. See you in seven.

Which of these five is the coolest to you? Leave us a comment.

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