What We’re Watching: The It Crowd

Hello fellow geeks! The dog days of summer are almost upon us and like most summers, things like video games and tv shows are in their slow season. Here at The Geekiverse we came up with the idea to write what we’ve been watching and/or playing or even what we’ve been reading weekly. We’ll give you a quick synopsis about what the show is about, how many seasons/episodes it contains, and where you can watch it. So, this way we can get the articles up faster and allow you, the reader, to check out what we’ve been up to even if we don’t finish that 200 hour game or 9 season TV series. I hope you enjoy the first article of many to come with this edition of “What We Are Watching.”

This week I got into the British Sitcom “The It Crowd”. It’s about a young woman and two guys who run the entire IT department for a major corporation. The woman named Jen (Katherine Parkinson) knows nothing about computers, but holds the group together as their manager. You have Roy (Chris O’Dowd), who is the lazy one of the group, always wanting to see the pretty girls on floor seven but always gets into trouble. Then you have Moss (Richard Ayoade) who is the awkward genius with the very funny facial expressions and one-liners. The three of them are very entertaining with the shenanigans they get mixed up in, with very little pertaining to actual computer maintenance. The humor can come off as very awkward and dry at times but if you like that sort of thing, kinda like the British version of “The Office,” you’ll really love this show. “The It Crowd” has four seasons containing six episodes a piece and each episode runs about 23 minutes. It’s a very easy show to binge watch in one week between classes or work with the entire series being on Netflix. There is a series finale for it but it is not on Netflix. You can YouTube it and it’s called “The Final Byte,” which is about an hour long. I highly suggest watching this TV series; it was addicting and I was very sad to know that it was over but now it’s time to get into another new series!
Sam Sarvis is one of The Geekiverse’s Netflix obsessors. Check back periodically to read about her new favorite shows!

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