Marvel’s Ant-Man Post Credit Scenes: What Do They Mean?

Marvel’s Ant-Man has proven that even a superhero who’s biggest allies are insects can be a hit for the (mostly) can’t miss studio.  The movie is getting well received reviews, but what has everyone talking are the two post-credit scenes that fans were treated to. 


The first scene comes at us quickly following the main cast credits.  We find Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym speaking with his daughter, Hope Van Dyne, portrayed by Evangeline Lilly.  He speaks to her about how he was only trying to protect her all of these years, not realizing that he should’ve trusted her and brought her into the fold.  As he speaks he opens a secret vault of sorts and behind it is what he describes as an updated version of the Wasp suit her mother had worn.  He says that he and her mother had been updating it when she died, but that it was time for Hope to become a part of everything.  Hope’s response: “It’s about damn time.”

Ant-Man PCS youtube(

What does this scene mean?  Well, a couple of things actually.  One, which is pretty straight forward, is that Hope is going to be brought into this Superhero world as the new version of the Wasp.  When we will see her is anyone’s guess, as Evangeline Lilly is not confirmed for Captain America: Civil War and there is no sequel for Ant-Man in the near future, but at the very least we should see her in the battle against Thanos in either Avengers: Infinity War part I or II.

This scene was also a bit of a knowing nod to the fans.  It’s evident that over the span of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s been a lack of diversity in the “boys club” known as the Avengers.  Sure, we’ve got the bad ass Black Widow, the slightly unhinged Scarlet Witch and the always awesome Peggy Carter, with Gamora and Sif rounding out a supporting cast, but let’s be honest, our main attractions are all male superheroes.  With the line “It’s about damn time,” this is Marvel’s acknowledgement of this fact, and that it’s about time we get some more female heroes in the mix.  The future now holds the Wasp, Captain Marvel, Jessica Jones on NETFLIX, Electra joining the ranks of Daredevil, hopefully an enhanced role for the under-appreciated Mockingbird on Agents of SHIELD, and with an INhumans movie in the pipeline (and the seeds already planted on AoS) we might just see the Queen Medusa.  Marvel is aware that there needs to be more female heroes (as well as heroes of different ethnicities and race), and we’re about to see this corrected in the coming years.

Ant-Man PCS Cap comicbooknews(

Our second scene took place after all of the credits had scrolled, and what we were treated to was a scene directly out of the hotly anticipated Captain America: Civil War.  What we find is Bucky, The Winter Soldier, trapped in some sort of vice, unable to free himself.  Speaking freely around him are Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, and his partner Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, discussing what their course of action should be.  Wilson asks if they should contact Tony Stark, and how a week ago it would have been a lot easier, leading us to believe there has been a fallout between our two leaders.  Cap remarks that Stark wouldn’t be able to do anything because of “the accords.”  This leads Falcon to comment that he “knows a guy” that they can contact for help.  At that point the screen goes black with the words “Ant-Man will return” displayed on screen.

So what does this mean?  Well, I’m not 100% sure.  The last comment by Sam Wilson is a way of telling us that we’re going to see Scott Lang’s Ant-Man show up in Civil War.  In the comic story, Hank Pym is in support of Iron Man’s pro-registration side, so Scott Lang could theoretically end up on either side of the conflict.

Ant-Man PCS marvel(

Cap mentions that “the accords” would keep Stark from helping, and it is likely he is referring to government accords having to do with a form of the Superhero Registration Act.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had very little need for secret identities, so I have a feeling the film will portray the Act as more of a governmental way to keep control over the super powered individuals in the Avengers and beyond.  Since this is an actual scene from the upcoming “cinematic adventure,” I’m sure we will be treated to whatever happened a week prior between these two friends turned enemies.  From the looks of it, there’s little indication that Rogers will give up on his former friend Bucky Barnes, and we may see him join the side of the Resistance against Stark’s pro-Registration regime.

And why is The Winter Soldier’s arm caught in that vice?  Well….I have no idea, actually.  Yeah….just…yeah, no idea.

Captain America: Civil War will be released May 6, 2016, so we only have about 10 months to wait!

**sobbing quietly to myself**

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