Princess Leia #3 Review

As Leia Organa struggles to move on from the destruction of her planet Alderaan, she meets a not so warm welcome from fellow Alderaanians on Sullust.


Princess Leia and her bodyguard Evaan take a trip to the Alderaan Enclave on Sullust, an oft-talked about planet in the Star Wars universe but generally unexplored. This is my favorite of the Princess Leia comics yet, featuring the most action we have seen yet.

We get to see Leia and Evaan’s relationship evolve slightly, as Evaan becomes faithful in more ways than just simply being Leia’s physical protection. The group of Alderaanians is oddly suspicious of Leia and looks at her as traitor, thanks to the perception that she is leading the Empire to round up and slaughter Alderaanians. The action sequences feature a lot of gun play and I loved when Leia took a stab at a barrage of missed shots, snidely remarking “Amateurs, firing wild, hoping they’ll hit something.” It’s been a long running joke in Star Wars lore that those involved in shootouts really need to take some target practice (namely Storm Troopers). Ultimately, we leave off on a cliffhanger that sets up book #4 nicely.



Princess Leia #3 is exciting to read and holds an interesting subplot involving betrayal and trust, likely leading to a coming altercation between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance.

Princess Leia #3
Princess Leia #3: Princess Leia (Part 3)

+ Action heavy.

+ R2-D2 sequence with the Rockrenders.

– Artwork is improved, but still inconsistent.


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