Princess Leia #2 Review

Leia goes back to her origins in more than one way.


In a continued effort to round up survivors from her home planet, Princess Leia and her new counterpart Evaan fly under the cover of Imperial guise to the planet Naboo – the home planet of Leia’s birth mother, Padme Amidala (and also Emperor Palpatine).

The story introduces a few sketchy characters, including a traitor that will surely spell trouble for Leia’s small band of Rebels and Alderaan citizens. To begin with, the Princess Leia story arch is not as solid as the other Marvel Star Wars series so far, but that’s not to say it is uninteresting.

I love the irony of Leia traveling to Naboo to rescue a small band of her people taking refuge there. There’s one in particular moment that is just superb – you’ll know it when you see it. I essentially screamed out loud. Aside from a few bits here and there, I find it hard to care about these characters nearly as much as other Star Wars characters. Part of that issue is the artwork – the style is again inconsistent and often doesn’t really resemble Leia. Take a look at her nose specifically. In addition, her dialogue and attitude don’t seem reflective of who Leia is in the films.



Though an improvement over the Princess Leia #1, the series has a ways to go before it meets the quality and allure of its counterparts.

Princess Leia 2 Cover
Princess Leia #2: Princess Leia (Part 2)

+ Visiting Naboo.

+ The mural.

– Art style paints Leia in a light that generally looks nothing like her live action self.

– Leia’s character seems to be too bossy and at times arrogant, even for a Princess.


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