Game of Thrones: The Dance of Dragons Review


Hello geeks! Episode 9 is here!! Which means there is only one more episode left of the season, but do not be depressed because, just like the sun, Game of Thrones will be back again. This episode was a little on the light side as episode nines go but Dance of Dragons did leave a sour taste in my mouth. Even with it ending so epically. Without further, ado let’s get to it. Please don’t read this post unless caught up for it is dark and full of spoilers.

The episode begins with Stannis who is recovering from a night raid done by Ramsey and his twenty men. They no longer have the supplies to make it through the winter so they must make a decision: to march on Winterfell or to return to Castle Black. Even marching on Winterfell through the snow will be a difficult task and Stannis knows what he must do to ensure that he becomes king of the Seven Kingdoms. He sends Ser Davos away from their encampment to get supplies from the Night’s Watch, before leaving Davos asks Stannis if he can take Shireen with him, he again tells Davos that his family stays with him. Davos goes to visit the princess and say his goodbyes, sadly, this will be the last time he ever sees her again. Stannis knowing what he must do to guarantee victory and goes to visit Shireen. She tells him about the book she’s reading called the “Dance of Dragons.” It’s about a war between the Targaryens that completely divides the country in two and thousands die. (Foreshadowing the upcoming war?) He asks her what side she would choose and she replies that she would choose neither. He tells her that sometimes you have to make a choice, that it’s not even a question he knows what he must do in order to fulfill his destiny. He then asks Shireen if she would help him. Shireen unconditionally agrees wanting to help her father and Stannis apologizes to her.

The next scene was one I was hoping I would not have to witness. Shireen is walked to a large burning pit and tied to it. Melisandre tells her it’s essential that she does this for the Lord of Light. She lights the pit on fire as Stannis, his wife and all his men watch. Her screams echo through the encampment begging her father to stop this. The only one who budges to try to save her is his wife Selyse but even she is helpless to stop her daughter from burning to death. This is why Davos was sent away, for if he was there he would have saved Shireen. Boy is he going to be pissed when he finds out! This scene shows how far Stannis will go to obtain the Iron Throne–he would even do something so terrible as burning his own daughter alive. I hated this scene, it really upset me. Couldn’t they have just used some of her blood like they did with Gendry? It never happens in the books this way.. but they kind of stopped following the books. Alas my prediction for Shireen’s death was wrong. I thought Stannis’ crazy wife Selyse would have killed her, but in the end it was him. I would have given this episode a perfect 10 if it hadn’t been for that scene.

On the wall, Jon Snow has finally returned from Hardhome with the Wildlings he managed to save. It’s clear from the look on Jon’s face that he’s unsure if Alliser will open the gates to them, but to his relief he does. The Brothers watch as the Wildlings make it through the tunnel each with a look of contempt. I’m still waiting for them to get stage a mutiny because I can feel it coming. I was wrong about my prediction, Olly didn’t have to help smuggle Jon and the Wildlings in. Which begs the question, what role is Olly going to be playing in all this?  He knows the reasons as to why Jon is helping them but I still don’t think he agrees with it.

In Dorne, Jaime is alive and well. He is brought before Prince Doran, Princess Myrcella, Prince Trystane and Ellaria Sands. Prince Doran wants to know why Jaime sneaked into his country to try and kidnap their honored guest, instead of sending a raven. Jaime tells him of the threat they received in King’s Landing with Myrcella’s necklace in the jaws of a viper. Doran immediately looks at Ellaria, knowing it was her. He apologizes, Doran doesn’t want to bring war to his people and knowing that if Myrcella stays in Dorne that she will probably end up dead. He proposes that Myrcella go back to King’s Landing with Prince Trystane and Trystane will serve on the small council in Oberyn’s place. Everyone seems to agree with this course of action except Ellaria who shows her stubbornness as she pours wine all over the floor. Jaime then asks about his hired man Bronn. Doran tells him that he is alive and well but not for long, Jaime asks for mercy for Bronn who was just following his orders. Doran turns to his son who will rule one day in Dorne, and tells him to pick out justice for Bronn. Bronn is brought before them and is elbowed in the face as Trystane’s act of mercy.

Ellaria is given an ultimatum by Doran, she will either swear her allegiance to him or she can die. She kneels before him and the Sand Snakes and kisses his hand as she cries bitterly. Knowing she will have to except Oberyn’s death. A while later she visits Jaime who is trying to write to King’s Landing. In her own way Ellaria apologizes to Jaime for trying to take her revenge out on Myrcella, she even tells him that she understands about his love for his sister. ‘We want who we want.’ and even speculates that he may indeed be innocent of Oberyn’s death.

In Braavos, Lanna (Arya) Is doing her service to the Many-Faced God by watching the Thin Man at the docks while she sells her oysters. While there she spots an unusual sight. Men from King’s Landing have come to speak with the Iron Bank. She immediately shows interest in them, going so far as to ignore the Thin Man who wants to buy oysters from her. She watches them and her eyes widen as she recognizes Ser Meryn Trant. Now if you have forgotten Trant’s many nasty deeds lets take a small refresher course. Trant is the Kingsguard who was tasked with getting Arya for Cersei and also hinted that he killed her ‘dancing’ teacher Syrio Forel. His name comes to Arya’s lips every time she names off her death list before she sleeps. He is also the Kingsguard who is tasked with beating Sansa for Joffery. Arya forgets about everything and slowly follows Meryn Trant, Mace Tyrell, and their guard as they meet with the Iron Bank. The next couple scenes were painful to watch seeing as how Arya has completely abandoned her task for the Many-Faced God and is completely obsessed with watching Meryn Trant, even following him into a brothel. I know he sees her and I know he knows that she is following him and I’m pretty sure they’ve made eye contact a few times.

Each time, Arya keeps getting closer and closer. Arya walks into a small room where prostitutes take their patrons and there she sees Meryn being offered a lady. He eyes the prostitute and declares that she is “Too old.” He is offered two more woman who he declares are ‘Too old.” Arya is then pushed into the room by one of the Lannister Guards who wants some of her oysters. Meryn and her make eye contact yet again. You can definitely tell that the wheels in Meryn’s head are turning, almost like he wants to recognize her but can’t. I held my breath as I was waiting for him to declare that Arya was what he wanted but Arya is shooed out of the room by the Mistress of the Brothel and he is brought a young girl who couldn’t be any older than 12. He agrees and takes the girl with him saying that he will tell them when he is done and hopes that they’ll have more girls just like this one for tomorrow. *SHUDDER* Sooo if you didn’t hate Meryn Trant already.. he’s a pedophile. Like I said I was holding my breath for the entire scene of the brothel. I probably would have walked out of the room as well if he had picked Arya. Now I’m completely worried that Arya will go to the brothel and try to get close to Meryn Trant to kill him. UGH… Can he just choke on something and die? After, Arya goes to the House of Black and White and tells Jaqen that the Thin Man was not hungry today which is why he is not dead. She then leaves him and goes to clean another dead body while Jaqen’s gaze follows her. I have a suspicion that he knows that she lied to him.

In Meereen, The Great Games are finally underway and everyone is gathered in the large Colosseum. Dany, Tyrion, Daario, Missandei, and Hizdahr are all present sitting front and center. The Games commence with a clap of Daenerys’ hands starting the combat. While two men fight, Daenerys and company share banter. It is while they are talking that Daenerys recognizes the voice of someone near and dear to her: Jorah Mormont. He looks her square in the eyes and declares that he will fight for her glory. Daenerys holds her breath as more fighting begins. It comes down to Jorah facing off with a Meereenese warrior and it comes close but Jorah wins stabbing the Meereenese in the chest. As he’s catching his breath, he grabs the warrior’s spear and hurls it towards Daenerys, it sails past her and into the chest of a Son of the Harpy. Then all hell breaks loose. Upon looking around they notice they are completely surrounded and no one is safe as the Sons start stabbing innocent spectators, Among the chaos, Jorah makes it to Daenerys and with a terrified smile she takes his hand.

Before I continue let me go off on a little rant. Alright, so Daenerys paid a small fortune for her Unsullied who were suppose to be the most amazing army ever breed. Soo why are they so easily killed by Sons of the Harpy? An untrained rebel group that has daggers? Can anyone explain this to me? If anything Daenerys should get a refund on her Unsullied, they’re terrible and can’t protect their own Queen. Anyway, Tyrion successfully kills one of the SotH (Sons of the Harpy) who was threatening Missandei, Hizdahr who I thought and still think was the leader of the SotH, is stabbed several times in the chest and left to die. Tyrion, Daario, Missandei, Jorah, and Daenerys make it to the arena floor and try to find an exit. They are blocked off and surrounded by even more SotH. Daenerys and Missandei gather in the middle of their protective circle and hold hands both knowing that they will probably not make it out alive. It’s in this moment that a roar echoes around the arena and Drogon makes his appearance. He tears through the SotH with his flame and teeth, but this doesn’t stop him from getting a couple spears. Daenerys goes to him and pulls a spear out, knowing what she was must do. She climbs on top of Drogon and flies off leaving Jorah, Daario, Missandei, and Tyrion behind much to everyone’s amazement.

I loved the ending of the episode it was exactly like I predicted except Jorah lived!!  I was very excited because I was convinced he was going to be speared in the back at any given time, but I’m happy that Dany has forgiven him. I was really sad that she just left her friends there for certain death. Fortunately, the sneak peek for next week shows the remaining crew alive and held up in one of the great pyramids. Like I said before I would have given this episode a 10 but the burning of Shireen and Trant the pedophile left me feeling hollow.

My predictions for this week. A great battle between Stannis and the Boltons, The Night’s watch uprising with Ser Davos coming to Jon’s aid. Arya hopefully killing Meryn Trant, Cersei getting what she deserves, Sansa probably getting saved by Brienne with Ramsey’s whore being killed in the process, and Daenerys hopefully saving her crew and burning Meereen to the ground.



-Stannis’ decision

-Meryn Trant sexual preferences




Cheers Geeks! Here’s to episode ten!

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